Rosario Dawson as the rumored Ahsoka Tano.
Ahsoka Tano springing to life

You knew this was coming. Now leaks have unofficially announced a live action Ahsoka Tano story is being developed for Disney+. One does not cast a live action star like Rosario Dawson (all but official rumor) as one of Star Wars most beloved heroines and NOT go any further with it. Ahsoka coming to Disney+ is as predictable as the sun rising.

Ahsoka Coming To Disney+: Earliest Stages of Development

No doubt this project is just getting started. There are simply too many questions about everyone’s favorite Togruta. Add to that Dave Filoni’s coy responses every time he receives questions about her future (or his for that matter), and this is a given.

The initial report as forwarded by stated that DanielRPK said on his Patreon, “An Ahsoka Tano show of some kind is in development for Disney+.”

Ahsoka Coming To Disney+: When Will It Take place?

Ahsoka at the end of Rebels
Ahsoka at the end of Rebels

The biggest question for this show centers on its timeline. There are potentially three different places this series could focus. The first is shortly after the events of Rebels. What is left of the Ghost’s crew could begin the long search for Ezra Bridger. Hera, Zeb and Chopper would be locks, but Sabine could be in or out. She may stay on Mandalore for now. This would explain why Ahsoka and Sabine take off at the end of Rebels to look for Ezra AFTER the events of Return of the Jedi.

The second place would be the previously mentioned trip with Sabine to hunt for Ezra post Jedi. This would make the most sense, and it would also provide the closest tie in to the rumored cameo on The Mandalorian which is 5 years after the explosion of the second Deathstar.

The final spot would be during the events of The Mandalorian itself. That could spring board her show from that time point and into the future. We know she dies sometime before Rise of Skywalker, but that is a pretty big time gap.

FandomWire Reports that it may be the first of the options. Either way, if there be Ezra, will there be Thrawn??

Ahsoka Coming To Disney+: Filoni Continues Live Action Growth

There can be no doubt this will be a Dave Filoni project, but it remains to be seen if he will write it, direct all of it, or just some of it ala- The Mandalorian.

Fans have cried out for years now to let Filoni helm a major Star Wars project on the big screen. The problem that comes up deals with his animation background, giving him near zero experience in live action. Mando is changing that. He seems to be in constant communication with Jon Favreau and directed a couple episodes. This would seem to be his next logical move.