The internet is burning with speculation on plot points and cameo appearances for the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. A new rumor hit the market this weekend from YouTube channel Kessel Run Transmissions stating we can expect to see Commander Rex and Sabine Wren appear alongside Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka in an episode of season two. This juicy detail is ripe for setting up the search for Ezra Bridger in a Star Wars: Rebels sequel. But is that actually happening?

Does this Mandalorian rumor herald the announcement of a Rebels season 5?
Does this Mandalorian rumor herald the announcement of a season 5?

The Mandalorian: Rumors, rumors, and more rumors

As with any Star Wars rumor, until this is confirmed by Lucasfilm, it’s just a rumor. This one is quoted from “trusted sources”. Be skeptical. There is no doubt fans want closure for Star Wars: Rebels. That’s how stories like this get started. Some overzealous fan floats the idea and it becomes a wild fire. Dave Filoni knows this. That’s why he isn’t budging on a yes-or-no to the question: Will Sabine and Rex be in The Mandalorian?

Will Rex and Sabine drop in on The Mandalorian?
Will Rex and Sabine drop in on The Mandalorian?

“Oh, I think it’s possible. I mean, it’s definitely something that I left hanging at the end and part of that reason is just it’s always nice in my mind when there’s another story. I like things in a series, even when I read or watch them, and there’s always a bit of sadness when something does come to an end, so potential is a great thing.”

Dave Filoni

It’s possible? Nice deflection, Dave.

This Mando rumor, however, has merit.

The confirmation of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano is a shocking casting surprise. Temuera Morrison returning to play Boba Fett in The Mandalorian is a jaw-dropper. Since he’s back for one role, why not another? A big rumor making the rounds is that the appearance of Ahsoka—and now possibly Sabine and Rex—is the precursor for a Star Wars: Rebels Season 5. If this is all true, we may finally get another fan favorite back on the screen—Grand Admiral Thrawn. Live action or animated? At this point, who knows.

Thrawn (Younger)
Thrawn – Image: Del Rey Books

A season 5 for Star Wars: Rebels would be another bombshell in the Disney Plus arsenal. Fans are dying to know what became of Ezra and Thrawn at the end of season 4. But there’s a problem. The immense difficulty of keeping an entire series a secret is mind-boggling. Thus far, there hasn’t been a sniff of anything resembling another Rebels season in production. Dave had something to say about that as well:

Dave Filoni - Rebels
Dave Filoni

“I love that people are thinking about these stories in the same way that I wondered about many stories. As a kid I wondered what happened to Luke after Return of the Jedi and all my heroes. I think it’s a natural part of enjoying this, and I think there’s always potential for further stories. Certainly, I will say it’s something I’ve given a decent amount of thought to, so you never know when or if it will actually ever take shape.”

Dave Filoni

Why this Mandalorian rumor could be bad.

One thing The Mandalorian has done an amazing job of is establishing new and engaging Star Wars characters that parallel the Skywalker saga, but aren’t actually in it. By bringing in Ahsoka and Boba Fett, now the two are forever linked. Adding in Sabine and Rex would be awesome if true, but be careful with linking too much. That pulls parts of Rebels and The Clone Wars right into the mix. Established characters start to overshadow the new ones, especially ones so popular as Ahsoka, Rex, and Sabine.

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Where these rumors worry me is The Mandalorian becoming the vehicle for wrapping up story lines for old characters instead of building up the stories of new ones. I want to see what happens with the Darksaber in Moff Gideon’s hands. I want to see if The Child becomes a Jedi. Show us Din Djarren team up with Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan to reclaim the rule of Mandalore. She wants the live-action role and could definitely pull it off. Give us the Bounty Hunter’s Guild with Greef Carga and Gekko. What happened to them?

just how did Boba Fett survive the Sarlacc Pit? - Mandalorian
Just how did Boba Fett survive the Sarlacc Pit?

Since he is confirmed coming back, one plot line wrap I will be happy to see if just how did Boba Fett survive the Sarlacc Pit?

Sound off, Hashtaggers!

What are your thoughts on Sabine and Rex’s live action debut? Is this just rumors and bad fan fiction? Or if it is true, should their debut be in The Mandalorian, or continue in their own show? Are we getting a Star Wars: Rebels season 5? Dave Filoni says no, but is he deflecting? If Star Wars Celebration happens, these confirmations and more could be just around the corner.

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