Disney leaks intel that Jack Sparrow may play a part in the 6th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Jack demonstrating why impersonating gods is a Bad Idea.
I don’t think these guys are up for any parsley.

Basics For Jack Sparrow

On May 10, 2020; ComicBook reported that Disney leaked news that Captain Jack Sparrow may be returning in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Jack, played by Johnny Depp, has been a staple character of the series since he debuted in The Curse of the Black Pearl. According to The Disinsider‘s Skyler Schuler, Disney is considering having our favorite drunken pirate captain return in the 6th movie. However, they don’t appear to have the slightest idea on where to put him yet. It seems that Jack is too bizarre even for Disney.

An example of Disney definitely releasing probable rumors.

Also according to ComicBook, the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be a soft reboot of the series as a whole. This is similar to what Bumblebee did for the Transformers live action movies. In this case, the 6th movie will feature a yet-unnamed female lead character played by Karen Gillan. She’s famous for playing Amy Pond in the Doctor Who TV series, in addition to her roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Jumanji reboot series.

Karen Gillan=Amy Pond.
This will always be Gillan’s best role in my eyes.

Finding a way to fit Jack into this would be a challenge. However, I’m sure that he and his rum will find a way to crash the party.


Disney claims that the soft reboot is to “bring in a new energy and vitality” to the series and to “give it a kick in the pants”. Well, what better way to do that than to include the ultimate pants-kicker of pirates himself? True, the latest movies have been steadily getting worse. However, Jack Sparrow brings a unique style and flair to the series. Without him, it’d be a generic pirate adventure.

So please Disney, bring back Jack Sparrow and the rum! You can never have enough of either!

Jack Sparrow and his beloved.
Never let the rum run out.

Source: ComicBook