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Back in April 2018 it was announced by Warner Bros. that a Supergirl film was in development. According to Heroic Hollywood, development of the Supergirl film has now been halted and put on the shelf.

A Supergirl film was originally announced to be in development with writer Oren Uziel penning the script. The film was to be an introduction of an all new Supergirl character and to be set in the DCEU. It would have no relation to the CW series starring Melissa Benoist. Additionally, following the poor reception of Batman v. Superman (2016) and Justice League (2017), the Supergirl film was theorized as a platform to launch a new actor in the role of Superman. 

Possible Henry Cavill Return?

Henry Cavill, Superman actor

Heroic Hollywood is reporting that the Supergirl film has been shelved, because Warner Bros. can’t come to a decision about what to do with the Superman character. Last year, news broke that Michael B. Jordan had met with Warner Bros. and discussed his take on the Man of Steel. While nothing concrete came out of those reports, it was believed to signal that Henry Cavill was done with Superman. Although, Cavill has continually stated the contrary. Now, with these new developments around Supergirl and Superman, it would appear that he was telling the truth.

As Heroic Hollywood pointed out, the climate around the DCEU has significantly changed since the release of Justice League. Aquaman (2018) and Shazam! (2019) were both critical and financial successes for the DCEU and Warner Bros. In fact, one of the most talked about scenes in Shazam! was the cameo by Superman. While Henry Cavill did not officially appear, the costume was unmistakable as his iteration of the character. Heroic Hollywood believes that with all these factors at play, the stage is being set for Henry Cavill to reprise his role as Superman.

Henry Cavill Deserves Another Shot

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League (2017), Warner Bros.

As someone who absolutely adores Henry’s portrayal of the character, I couldn’t be more excited by these rumors. Not only did he look picture perfect as Supes, but Cavill was marvelous in the role. He never truly got a chance to shine, because of the negative reception of the films he appeared in. Batman v. Superman and Justice League nearly killed the DCEU’s brand, but with the success of Shazam! and Aquaman, why not give Cavill another go as the blue boyscout? With all the backlash he has endured, it only seems fair to give him another shot if he’s willing.

What would you think of a new Supergirl film? Is that something you want to see DC work on? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Heroic Hollywood