Secrets are a hard thing to keep in this day and age. With all the messenger services and online forms of communication, it takes one person with sensitive information to release it into the mainstream. They no longer have to find people to peddle their info. Well, Twitter provides us with our latest rumor. While unofficial and technically rumor, user @Vullien tweeted out The Mandalorian season 2 titles – and they look legit.

Mandalorian Season 2 Titles

I Have Spoken

Let’s take a quick look back at season 1. The titles were short, simple and always a single word (‘the’ doesn’t count). The titles are all very straight to the point and don’t tease much. These new titles are very similar, so they pass the form test. Here are the rumored titles:

  • Chapter One: The Search
  • Chapter Two: The Confrontation
  • Chapter Three: The Bounty
  • Chapter Four: The Republic
  • Chapter Five: The Loyalist
  • Chapter Six: The Sorcerer
  • Chapter Seven: The Return
  • Chapter Eight: The Empire

Again they are all single words with ‘the’ tacked on. Let’s take a look at some of the titles and see what they might suggest.

Mandalorian Season 2 Titles: What Could They Mean

The first three seem pretty straight forward. Of course there will be more to the episodes, but the gist is there. “The Search”, “The Confrontation” and “The Bounty” all fit where we are in the journey. Mando looks for Yoda’s species. Somewhere along the way he crosses paths with someone. Whether Mando becomes the bounty, he picks up a bounty or has to intercept a bounty for information remains to be seen, but those titles are reasonable.

Episode 4 gives us our first interesting title – ‘The Republic’. This title means we should get our first look into the government. Maybe his search for information takes him to the heart of the Republic. Either that or he crosses paths with them. No matter, the possibility exists for some very interesting cameos in this episode. With The Mandalorian making so many firsts, please introduce the Bothans!

‘The Loyalist’ could swing any number of ways. There are simply too many factions out there to narrow it down. But, given what’s coming perhaps the loyalist may be someone from Rebels!

Mandalorian Season 2 Titles: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ahsoka Tano;Ahsoka Novel; CLone Wars
She is Coming…

So why would ‘The Loyalist’ make me think of Rebels? Episode 6 is titled ‘The Sorcerer’. That word means many things in many works of fiction, but in Star Wars it generally means one thing – JEDI! Obviously the child can use the force, so while no one has used the term ‘the force’, the mando blacksmith did say Jedi.

As of this writing I do not know if Rosario Dawson being cast as Ahsoka Tano is official or just so heavily leaked it’s a 99.9% true rumor. Either way, if a title introduces Star Wars’ most beloved padawan it’s here. That is why the previous episode makes me believe we will see someone close to Ahsoka, possibly from Rebels.

Mandalorian Season 2 Titles: The Crescendo

These final two episodes also hold a lot of possibilities. ‘The Return’ might also be where Ahsoka resurfaces, but then who would be “the sorcerer”? The return I think will point to another major name coming back from the abyss. A Sabine or Ezra could be in the running. But, based on the title of the final episode, I think the person returning will tie in to the Empire.

Given how Rebels ended, Thrawn is not out of the realm of reason. Otherwise look out for a major name or title to reemerge, or as a non-imperial what about Bo Katan? Granted keeping Katee Sackhoff’s involvement secret would be quite difficult.

Mandalorian Season 2 Titles: One Final Options

From the Darkness a Light Shall Be Woken…

What if the return is not a person? What if the returning is in fact what the series was rumored to focus on in the first place? Could Din Djarin be RETURNING to Mandalore? This would in fact set up the final episode of ‘The Empire’ being about reclaiming Mandalore from the Empire. Such an ending would boot the season three theme of the freeing of Mandalore from Imperial oppression.

We know the series reintroduced Darksaber at the end of season 2 with Moff Gideon, and that the famed weapon represents the leadership and right to rule Mandalore. These last two titles would be perfect set ups for the series.

Guess we will find out when season 2 of The Mandalorian returns October 2020! What are your thoughts on the rumored titles?