Insomniac’s Spiderman for the PS4 2018

Sony and Insomniac Games Spider-Man for the PS4 was a smash hit for both the company and developers. Going on to sell over 13 million copies and prompting Sony to soon after buy the company as a second party.

Since it’s release in 2018 fans have eagerly been awaiting the almost certain in-development Spider-Man sequel. Aside from teasers left in the game itself, and the games end credits teaser, fans have wondered and speculated about what could possibly be in store for the web slinger next. With the PS5 around the corner, most see it as a certainty that Spider-Man’s next big game will be exclusive to the console.

Now, however, a Redditor who goes by the name “throwawayquarantine8” may have just blown the doors wide open on the Spider-Man sequel. Posted on April 18th they claim to have a contact in a meeting where a length story and tech show-reel played. In addition to a discussion about the game. Below is the Reddit post in its entirety and it is rather lengthy.


The link to the Reddit thread is right here.

Breakdown Of The Spider-Man Thread

Wow. That’s a lot to break down. In terms of game-play mechanics, it sounds as though the game will be exactly what fans have wanted.

A bigger world with far more landmarks to find and explore; both real-world and fictional.

More interactions with the well known Marvel characters.

A dramatically improved weather and day to night transition system. More villains to fight with the likes of Green Goblin, Mysterio, Venom.

More suits; this time with EVERY suit having it’s on symbiote variant.

And the inclusion of expanded and fully playable characters in the form of Miles Morales finally donning his own webs.

The Gangs All Here

Spiderman games of the past seem to be shapping the future

One of the most interesting and frequent things to come up is how much the game seems to borrow from previous Spidey games. The dynamic missions appear to be ripped right out of Spider-Man 2 for the PS2. Serving to emphasize how Spider-Man is a hero of the people.

The hint at the Human Torch is obviously ripped straight from Ultimate Spider-Man for the Gamecube that helped explode the friendships that Peter Parker has with other superheroes.

Even Spider-Man Web of Shadows seems to have been mixed into the game with the black suit switching mechanics that truly showed the difference between normal Spidey and the black suit.

If true the new Spider-Man game sounds like the game fans have long wanted. A game that not only builds on the already excellent foundation of the first. But a game that looks back to the past. Looking at the older Spider-Man games that have come before it and seeing and implementing what worked best in those games.

This could very well be a killer app for the upcoming Playstation 5. We’ll have to see when that console gets closer to release if this leak is true.