Ghost vs. Speeder Bike: who will win? In today’s episode of crossover battles, we’ll be pitting these 2 vehicles from Halo and Star Wars against each other to see which one is top dog.

Logically though, we must begin by discussing the contestants’ stats. And without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Ghost

In this corner: the Ghost!

The Ghost is not slim.
The moped of the sci-fi universes.

Contestant 1 is the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle, more commonly known as the “Ghost”. It’s a lightly armored fast recon vehicle used by the Covenant before its dissolution, and later by its successor states. They used them to scout the enemy and perform hit-and-run attacks on them, similar to modern scout vehicles.

Chunky Ghost it is.
The Ghost coming back from a photo shoot.

The Ghost measures 13.8 feet long, 12.8 feet wide (counting its wings), and 5.9 feet high. It has a top speed of 82 mph, which makes it faster than modern scout cars, but not by much. The Ghost’s wings are used for stabilizing the vehicle, as it’s unable to fly higher than a few feet or so off the ground. This effectively makes the Ghost a ground-effect vehicle: a type of almost-aircraft designed to fly only at near ground level.

The A-90 Orlyonok: the bigger and better Ghost.
Behold, the Soviet Ghost!

The Ghost is armed with a pair of forward-firing Class-2 directed energy cannons, also known as medium plasma cannons. They’re basically rapid fire blaster cannons, effective against infantry and light vehicles alike. However, the Ghost is also able to swap out one or both plasma cannons with fuel rod cannons, which fire radioactive projectiles that are effective against heavily armored targets. This option effectively turns the Ghost into a fast tank destroyer. Lastly, the Ghost can also be equipped with energy shields, making them far more durable than they usually are.

2. Speeder Bike

In the other corner: the Speeder Bike!

Speeder Bike, friend to you and me!
Watch out for that, ooh, tree!

Speeder bikes are a type of repulsorlift vehicle featuring an open cockpit combined with a distinctly minimal design. There have been many models of speeder bikes throughout the history of the Star Wars galaxy, but today we’ll be specifically featuring the 74-Z Speeder Bike. This particular model of speeder bike was used by Imperial scout troopers for recon and for moving personnel around very quickly indeed.

Tree schematics are sold separately.
Speeder Bike schematics. Minus the trees.

Sources disagree on the Speeder Bike’s size. Length varies from 9.8 feet to 16 feet. What isn’t disagreed on is its speed. It has a top speed of at least 310 mph, with a flight ceiling of 82 feet. This makes it much closer to the performance of real life ground-effect vehicles, albeit much smaller and much more dangerous to fly.

We’re never letting you forget about the tree.

The Speeder Bike is armed only with a single rotating Ax-20 blaster cannon, effective against infantry and other light vehicles. Having only 1 gun though limits its effectiveness in combat. Other than that, it’s also equipped with jamming equipment that allows it to disrupt enemy communications.