3. All Elite Wrestling

That’s one tag team match I’d love to see. Omega and Page have gelled so well together. Adding them to an already cohesive team of The Revival might be able to top their match with the Bucks at AEW Revolution. The Revival have a style that is almost all to their own. So the power of both teams would be electric. I’d love to see this feud, but who knows if Omega and Page will be together by that time. Let’s hope so, they’re putting on great matches.

2. AEW

Why not have them go to AEW and battle the likes of the Inner Circle? Santana and Ortiz are already a salivating matchup. What about if Guevara and Hager join up as a tag team? Or if Jericho gets in the mix. I’m not sure that the Revival could work very well as faces. Maybe if Jericho wants to increase the size of the Inner Circle (again, for the NwO’s sake, don’t do this), Dawson and Wilder would fit right in.

1. All Elite Wrestling

In case you haven’t gotten the joke so far. The Revival are signing with AEW. That’s not certain or even reported right now, but where else are they going to go? New Japan? Yeah, it’d be sick to see them tussle with the Tonga brothers. But that ain’t happening. You want to see them in Ring of Honor or Impact? It could be cool to see them rule the tag-team divisions there and battle the Briscoes. That’s not happening either. I’m sure Dawson and Wilder want to stick it to WWE for messing around with them for the past couple years. The absolute best place to do that is on Wednesday Nights.

They also don’t have non-compete clauses in their contracts, so they are free to go wherever they would like. I’m sure if we weren’t in a global pandemic, The Revival would be showing up on Wednesday Night Dynamite. With that show being taped for the next couple weeks, we’re likely to have to wait. To see them wrestle with all the stars and factions of AEW, I’m willing to wait for that.

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