Virtual Fan Expo

You might be asking yourself, what are you going to do during this time without cons and events. Lucky for you there is an option. Virtual Fan Expo is launching as an inclusive Con experience for pop culture fans searching for community and fun. Scheduled for May 2nd-3rd, 2020, you’ll get your chance to go to a con and experience everything that goes into it, besides the masses of people.

According to Bernie Bregman, the Director of Business Development and Talent Acquisitions at Experience Level Entertainment, he had this to say about the event:

We’re launching Virtual Fan Expo as an exciting, revolutionary con experience that best replicates ‘being there’ without compromising anyone’s health, well-being or need to leave home. Above all, we’re enabling a deep, inclusive and meaningful sense of community for pop culture fans hungry for fun and engaging social opportunities currently stolen by the global pandemic.

Here’s a description of the event and all that goes into it from the press release:

VFE promises to be an integrated fan experience featuring exciting panels, Q&A’s and celebrity appearances, including actor Joe Manganiello (“Magic Mike,” “True Blood,” “Rampage”) and “Maltin on Movies” podcast co-hosts Leonard and Jessie Maltin, as well as interactive gaming rooms, online happy hours, and a cosplay “ball.” An event centerpiece will be a seamless virtual exhibitor floor featuring more than one hundred exhibitors and vendors offering the hottest merchandise typically found at wellknown Cons. Attendees will have exclusive access to vendors on the exhibitor floor via Auxxit, an innovative virtual marketplace that will feature special shopping segments including limited edition and VFE-exclusive merch. The platform also gives the community unparalleled ability to communicate with exhibitors and each other throughout the weekend.

What Does This All Mean For The Virtual Fan Expo?

This is a one of a kind event that hopefully can spawn more like it. You’ll get most of the fun and excitement of an expo like this, from your couch, living room, desk, or wherever. If you’re into cosplay, you’ll be able to show off your newest gear with other people. If you want to go shopping for event exclusive merch, you’ll be able to do that. The only thing you’ll be missing is the expensive convention center food. Which is probably for the best.

There’s sure to be more panels and activities announced for later. It would be wise to support this event. One, because it’ll be the first of it’s kind. Two, because that means there’ll likely be more. We’re in this lockdown/stay-at-home phase for at least another couple months. Might as well spend it with other nerds, geeks, and fanatics.

To check out more details about the Virtual Fan Expo, go to their website here.