Playstation 5

The Playstation 5 is reportedly in jeopardy according to developers and other sources like Their article about how the Playstation 5 is in trouble, due to lack of power and overheating issues is a troubling development. The console already was suffering from lack of information on Sony’s front. We don’t know what it officially looks like, we just got some of the specs of the console about a week ago. If you want to see the comparison of the two, click the link below.

In that article, I assumed that the two consoles were going to be comparably powerful. I was wrong apparently. According to the report, Sony vastly underrated what Microsoft could do with the Xbox Series X. That new console is beefed up and more powerful than what Sony thought. Following this, there are also reports that the Playstation 5 is overheating because it can’t maintain it’s clock speeds. This is coming from the developers making games for the new console. This isn’t just a problem with the Xbox being more powerful like the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation of consoles. It’s now a hardware issue. The PS5 is unpredictable with it’s hardware unlike the Xbox Series X.

What This Means For The Launch Of The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

Playstation 5

With COVID-19 already putting strains on availability of consoles in their launch window of Holiday 2020, this could be a big blow to Sony. I’m a big fan of Microsoft and the Xbox, but I’m by no means a hater of Sony. If you can have two hugely powerful systems competing against each other, that’s better for gamers. Competition is a good thing. But this is not a good thing for anyone. If Sony’s console is problematic at the start, it could be a death blow or at least a huge problem for them. The PS3 launched with issues regarding cost, but Sony rallied after that to make a profit.

Some of the reports from the article are saying that Sony might have to do a complete redesign of the console. That might be why we haven’t seen the console itself besides supposedly leaked Dev kits. The Xbox Series X has been criticized for looking like a refrigerator, but that’s for function. It dissipates heat incredibly well. Sony might look to some design like that now. The original source isn’t completely credible but other very credible sources like Windows Central journalists Daniel Rubino and Jez Corden are backing it up now.

If it means that Sony has to delay the launch of the console for 6 to 12 months, that might not be the worst thing in the world. It would cost them a considerable amount of money. They also could release whatever stock they have of the current model, but that might shatter consumer confidence if the console is faulty. It’s a no-win situation for Sony if true. Here’s to hoping that they figure it all out.

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