Jackie Moon and his immortal smash-hit “Love Me Sexy” is the subject of today’s Music Rec. Of all the tracks or albums I’ve recommended to you, this is the one that gets my highest honor and award. Jackie Moon’s rise to fame in the music world started at birth. His mother, Mrs. Moon, was a gifted lyricist. Jackie inherited that talent from his mother. His one and only hit was big enough for Jackie to be able to retire and live a comfortable life. Not only did he not retire, he went on to buy the Flint Tropics of the ABA. He wasn’t worried about the oncoming NBA merger with that fledgling league.

The story of Jackie Moon is one that combines the grit and determination of the American people. Why is “Love Me Sexy” the smash hit that it was and continues to be? Let’s go through a detailed look at the reasons why.

“Love Me Sexy” Is Jackie Moon’s Sergeant Peppers, Yes, The Whole Album

Starting off with just the music. “Love Me Sexy” combines the funk and disco fusion of the late 70’s perfectly. It’s got a beat that can only make you want to get up and find that special someone to dance with. You’ll start swaying your shoulders along with the dulcet tones of Jackie and his backing band. There’s no charting data from 1976 when Jackie Moon released his classic. I can only assume that it was at the top of charts around the world.

Moving on from the music to the lyrics, this is where “Love Me Sexy” really shines.

Com’on girl. yea. It’s me Jackie Moon. Don’t give me that look. Let’s get sweaty. Let’s get rain sweaty. I’m talking rain forest sweaty. I’m talking swamp sweaty. Let’s fill a bathtub full of sweat.

Baby who wants to love me sexy,
Baby are you ready to lick me sexy,
Take off your shoes and suck me sexy,
Baby we’re naked and we’re humpin’ sexy

I wanna do a little thang with you,
I wanna do a little thang with you,
When I say love me you say sexy love me sexy
Back it on up and shove it through cause loving me sexy is a thing to do,
My body says love me your mind says sexy,
Love Me Sexy

Jackie Moon

At The End Of The Day, Jackie Moon Still Rules

Love Me Sexy

All of this is of course a big April Fools “joke article”. In a time like this it’s probably better for everyone involved to write about something silly and fun. Rather than make fanboys angry or rage with a headline like “Rian Johnson Takes Full Control Of Star Wars“, we’re gonna go with a song that everyone can enjoy. “Love Me Sexy” is from the movie Semi-Pro starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, and Andre Benjamin. Semi-Pro isn’t an instant classic by any means, but the humor of the film is one that lives on after a disappointing start in 2008. It would be a flawed rewatchable movie for me. “Love Me Sexy” adds to that allure, and the fake story of how Jackie Moon got the lyrics and all that went into it only makes the song better.

So for everyone out there on this April Fools, don’t get too mad about whatever joke piece someone wrote that isn’t actually funny (just like this one).

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