Toei is about to “Henshin” the digital landscape by launching a worldwide channel dedicated 70 of their long-running Toku series’.

What is Tokusatsu?

A Japanese genre of film and television drama featuring superheroes and special effects.


Most commonly in the United States, we would know some of these shows as Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, VR Troops and yes even Masked Rider.

So with this announcement from Toei, I can watch whatever I want when I want?

Not just yet! Toei will be slowly releasing content starting April 6 in chronological order starting with National Kid the oldest series from the 1960s! Love! Love!! Witch Teacher based on a “Magical Girl” style manga. Robo 8-chan an adorable robot comedy circa 1981. Finally, the GRANDADDY to Power Rangers: GoRanger!

On launch day all 70 shows will have their respective first 2 episodes release. Then the next Monday, the next two episodes of the individual series will debut, one show per day, seven days a week. As of now, we know that they are going up to series through the 90’s so don’t expect Kamen Rider W or Kyuranger to show up in your playlist.

Why should I watch it?

Simple, with so many websites and pirated DVDs, you’ll now have a secure site to enjoy your shows and even see the building blocks of the shows you’ve come to love today.

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