Comic Cons, conventions, bars, and restaurants. It seems everyday more and more of these business are closing due to the Coronavirus. Well, now in a report from Variety, movie theaters are now joining the list and could last six to 12 weeks.

New CDC Coronavirus Guidelines

AMC and some theaters tried to give the public some normality to our everyday lives by trying to keep open. First AMC said they are reducing the number of seats sold to keep people safe. But when the CDC came out with their social distancing guidelines, AMC then reduced the amount of seats sold for a screening to just 50. Unfortunately that didn’t last long. CDC put out a new update recommending a limit on public gatherings to just 10 people. So, with that AMC had no choice but to join the everyday growing list of businesses to close.

Coronavirus empties seats

Statement from AMC

“We are ever so disappointed for our movie-going guests and for our employee teams that the new CDC guidelines that Americans should not gather in groups larger than 10 people make it impossible to open our theaters,” CEO Adam Aron said in a statement. “Still, the health and well-being of AMC guests and employees, and of all Americans, takes precedence above all else. We will continue to monitor this situation (Coronavirus) very closely. And look forward to the day we can again delight moviegoers nationwide by reopening AMC theaters in accordance with guidance from the CDC and local health authorities.”

We want to hear from you

While we do want to hear your thoughts on this and the impact the Coronavirus is having on all of us, we also want to know what are you doing to take your mind off of all this madness. Also even though some may not agree with it please try to comply with the CDC guidelines. We want you and others to remain safe from this virus.

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Source: Variety