New Ewok Hunter
A New Rebel Weapon!

Many fans were upset when Lucasfilm/Disney erased the Expanded Universe from canon. However, Legend’s pieces continue to trickle back into canon. Fans continue to crave the return of their canon characters, but from the old TV Ewok movies? I don’t know anyone craving their canonical return, but they now belong to canon because Battlefront II introduced the Wistie!

Ewok Movie Character Brought To Battlefront II

Thanks to The Mandalorian, parts of the Holiday Special became canon, so why not bring in the old made-for-TV movies Ewoks: Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor? Thanks to the latest Battlefront II update patch, Ewoks not only return to the canonical world of Star Wars, but they bring with them an old friend.

The Wistie comes from the Ewok TV movies. They helped Mace, Cindel and the Ewoks retrieve the childrens’ lost parents from the gigantic Gorax. The shiny little lights zip around, similar to a fairy, stinging and annoying the target.

Ewok Movie Character Now Playable In Battlefront II

In the Age of Rebellion update, Battlefront II adds the Ewok hunter as a reinforcement character. This means the Ewok hunter is not a selectable character off the bat. A player must accrue enough points in combat to add the Ewok warrior as a possible choice.

Once selected, the Ewok warrior runs around the map like any other. They bring with them a special power called the Wistie. This ability provides a bit of ranged damage as well as blurring and confusing the target. The target rarely realizes any danger until the screen explodes with Wisties zooming about like gnats and disorientating it.

Ewok Movie Character Gameplay

Ewok hunting Stormtrooper
Imperials WILL run in terror!

Maps on Battlefront disguise and hide players well enough on a normal hero, but now players can play a hero half the height with fur that blends into the forest. Plenty of Ewoks took me out on Endor and I never saw them. For being a simple bow and arrow shooter, the little furball’s shots are deadly! Now add being swarmed by Wisties and the Ewok hunter brings a lot of killing joy to the game. The patch is available immediately.

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