From Boy in 2010 to Jojo Rabbit in 2019, the last decade has been a wild ride for New Zealand born writer/director Taika Waititi. Going from one the most interesting new voices in the indie scene to the winner of the academy award for best adapted screenplay. A master of comedy and drama with a wide range of genre talent, Waititi is in hot demand at the moment in the industry. Here is an extensive list of every writing or directing project that Taika Waititi has in development at the moment. With some indication of when we’ve can expect to see them.

Next Goal Wins (Film)

Based in the 2014 documentary of the same name Next Goal Wins is the story of the American Samoan soccer team and Thomas Rongen, the Dutch coach who helped them break their losing streak. Variety first announced that Waititi was writing and directing a mystery project for Fox Searchlight in August of 2019. Deadline later revealed that the project was Next Goal Wins as the film moved into casting. Bringing in Michael Fassbender as Thomas Rongen and adding Elizabeth Moss, Arnie Hammer to the cast. The film has wrapped filming and is now in post, eyeing a release towards the end of 2020.

Akira (Film)

A live-action adaptation the iconic anime film Akira has been in development hell at Warner Bros. for decades. With a revolving door of directors and writers, including Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele. In 2017, hot off the success of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi was announced by Deadline to be in talks to write and direct an Akira film. Even though Waititi had moved into production on Jojo Rabbitat the time the project actually gained some traction. Waititi completed a script (inspired by the 6 volume manga) and the film moved into casting. Unfortunately Warner had to delay the project and lost the window Waititi had to film it. The project is currently in limbo at Warner Bros. until Waititi’s schedule opens up.

Time Bandits (Series)

Taika Waititi

The original Time Bandits is a fantasy time travel movie from 1981, written and directed by Terry Gilliam. The film follows a gang of thieving dwarves and a young boy as the travel through time and space. Apple and Paramount acquired the rights to the film in 2018, planning to turn it into a series for the Apple streaming platform. In March of 2019 Deadline announced that Taika Waititi had signed on to co-write and direct the pilot episode.

Animated Flash Gordon Project (Film)

When Disney bought 20th Fox one of the IPs they gained was the pulp science fiction icon Flash Gordon. Star of comics, shows, novels, and a live action film from 1980. Matthew Vaughn (Of Kick-Ass and Kingsman fame) had been developing a live action Flash Gordon film at Fox, with himself as executive producer. The project even landed director Julius Avery (fresh off the success of Overlord) but it stalled. Avery is now directing The Samaritan with Sylvester Stallone instead. In June of 2019 Deadline announced that Taika Waititi had been tapped to ‘crack’ an animated adaptation of the character for Disney/Fox. As the dust from the merger and subsequent restructuring clear there has been no further word on this project. It is unclear how high a priority the film is for Disney, as (thanks to Avatar and Star Wars) they have no shortage of space adventure blockbuster franchises.

Thor: Love & Thunder (Film)

Taika Waititi

Tessa Thompson hinted that Waititi had pitched a new Thor film to Marvel/Disney in 2018. Less Thor 4 and more Thor: Ragnarok 2. These rumors were given further weight when Waititi couldn’t adjust his schedule to accommodate the shift in Akira’s production. Hinting that he had something pretty big down the pipeline. In June of 2019 Variety made it official that Taika Waititi would be writing and directing Thor: Love and Thunder for Marvel/Disney. The project will draw inspiration from the Jason Aaron Thor comics. Natalie Portman would be reprising her role as Jane Porter, taking up mjolnir like in the comics. Waititi has completed a draft of the script and brought in Jennifer Kaytin Robinson to co-write another one. The project has moved into casting (including an intergalactic villain played by Christian Bale). The film is expected to start shooting soon. And will release in November of 2021.

Reservation Dogs (Series)

Taika Waititi

In November of 2019 Collider confirmed numerous rumors that Taika Waititi had joined Reservation Dogs. An FX limited series about four indigenous teenagers on a reservation in Oklahoma, who commit petty crimes while also fighting crime. Sterlin Harjo (Four Sheets to the Wind, Barking Water and Mekko) created the series, writing and executive producing. Waititi is joining Harjo as an executive producer and writing partner, directing the pilot episode.

Untitled Star Wars Project (Film)?

When the full slate of directors for the first season of The Mandalorian was announced, many audiences were surprised to see that Taika Waititi would be directing the season finale. Taika had previously expressed little interest in Star Wars, indicating that the stylistic restrictions would be extremely limiting. Regardless, Waititi’s episode of The Mandalorian was widely considered one of the best (if not the best) of the show. So it came as little surprise when, in January, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Taika Waititi was being ‘courted’ to direct his own a Star Wars project. Waititi has played extremely coy since this announcement. Only confirming that he enjoyed working on Star Wars and would be interested in doing so again.

2 Animated ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ Projects (Series)

Last year, Netflix and the Roald Dahl estate signed a deal to develop adaptations of several of the author’s works. Taika Waititi was announced to be writing and directing two series based on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory on March 5th. One based on the characters of the book, the other centered on the Oompa-Loompas. Looking at their lives before and after Wonka brought them to his chocolate factory in England. Taika Waititi will write, direct and executive produce both animated series.

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