I feel the need…the need for speed!  Are our F-14s being upgraded with S-foils?  Is Pete Mitchel the new commander of Rogue Squadron?  Probably not, but an interesting tidbit has surfaced which begs the question, are we on the verge of getting a new Star Wars video game coming soon?

New Star Wars Game: Sparse on Details

Project Maverick
Project Maverick

Found deep in the bowels of European PlayStation network, a game icon surfaced called “Star Wars: Project Maverick”.  Check out the picture below.  As you can see, it is mostly red and black, but it shows an Imperial star destroyer in the skies of what looks like Coruscant.  No information is known ab out the game and nothing has leaked as of yet.  Another noted absence is there is no event to harness to announce the launch of a new game.  There is no Celebration, E3 or convention suitable for such an announcement.

Star Wars rarely features games any more on just one platform.  This may have been the case in the ancient past, but there are too many customers on Xbox and PC to just release a game on PlayStation.  So, is this Star Wars game real if only PlayStation has it?  It could be.  Perhaps the other systems will receive it, but only PlayStation has let slip its existence.  The possibility exists this could be a DLC for an existing game such as Jedi: Fallen Order or other game, but right now we just do not know.

New Star Wars Video Game: What Could It Be?

Let us assume this is real and set for release in the near future.  What could this game be?  The card shows an image of an imperial star destroyer.  This sets the events firmly in the classic era and not prequels or sequel era.  If one shows a Star Destroyer, one would think it might be a flight based game.  Could this be a throwback to the old Xwing Vs TIE fighter game in Star Wars video game lore?  Possibly, but why show Coruscant then?

Xwing Video Game
Xwing video game

Also, we have the title – Project Maverick.  Given Tom Cruise is reviving his classic Top Gun this year, the first assumption would again be a flight-based game.  This might be supported by history.  Adventure games such as Jedi: Fallen Order take many years to develop.  A flight-based Star Wars game could be turned out faster than a character-based game.

The title Project Maverick also suggests a rogue project by the Empire (because the cover features a star destroyer) meant to wipe out the rebels or other resistance.  If this game takes place before the events of A New Hope, the Senate still exists and be an obstacle for Sidious to work around in secret.

This news about a new Star Wars game is only rumor so far, but keep your sensors on Thathashtagshow.com and Starwars.com for more information.