Greetings, readers! That Hashtag Show is proud to offer even more exclusive content in the newest feature of our site – fan fiction! We are excited to introduce you to third, original piece of Star Wars fan fiction content written by our own authors. The features will come in chapters or segments, serial format, so be sure to check back regularly to keep up with the stories. Today we bring you The Bounty Hunter, a tale of shopkeeper Roth Rendar who lived near the Dune Sea of Tatooine. While out scavenging after hearing of a downed ship nearby, Roth found more than just wreckage during his trip that day.

The Bounty Hunter


The day started just like any other day for Roth Rendar. After about twenty minutes of fidgeting and kicking his speeder, it finally started up and he could start his long day of scavenging and building tools that would help the locals in a small settlement just outside the Dune Sea of Tatooine. Well, today Roth was more excited than normal about work because there was talk that a ship of some sort that had crashed into the Great Pit of Carkoon a couple days ago. Knowing that many people wouldn’t go out there because of their fear of pirates and the man eating Sarlacc, Rendar knew there would be plenty of parts for him to take back to his shop.

As Roth Rendar approached the sand dunes of the Great Pit of Carkoon,

he could see smoke rising in the air. Excited, he parked his speeder and started to climb the dunes. When Roth got to the top, he removed his helmet and stood frozen at what he saw.

“It looks like a war zone,” he thought to himself. The more he looked, the more death and destruction he could see. But there was something else that caught his attention and that was the smell.

The smell was just awful.

Roth put his helmet back on hoping it would filter pout some of the stench. This just wasn’t the smell of the few bodies he saw laying around in the sun. This was was something bigger. And that’s when he noticed the rotting tentacles of the Sarlacc lying motionless in the sand with birds and other creatures making a meal from them. What could have killed the Sarlacc? It was not like the ship came crashing down on it.

“Oh well,” Roth thought, he knew night would come soon and did not want to wait around to see what kill the Sarlacc if it decided came back.

The Crash Roth Rendar

With the heat blistering down on Rendar,

he continued towards the wreckage. There he would look for parts that he could use at his shop or sell to add a few credits to his pocket. As he got closer, he noticed blasters laying in the sand. But what was unusual about some of these blasters is that they looked to be cut in half. “Strange,” he murmured to himself. The only thing that he could think of doing something like that is a lightsaber. But…. As far as he knew all of the Jedi have been killed.

When he finally got to the ship Roth started to collect whatever he could. “There are enough parts and items in here that can keep me in business for a long time,” he said out loud, and laughed because he remembered that he was the only one there… so he thought.

“Who are you?”

Roth jumped and grabbed a blaster he saw lying next to a body. It was hard to see while in the wreckage of the ship. It was dark with the only light coming through the holes of whatever had ripped it apart.

The voice spoke out of the darkness again.

“Who are you, why are you here?”

Finally fixing in on where the voice was coming from, Roth saw what looked to be heavily damaged armor laying in a pile on the ground. Even more confused Roth noticed what seemed to be a human laying in motionless heap with his head propped up with a helmet.

“Are you ok?’

But there was no reply from whoever this person was. Roth slowly walked over to the body. Turning on his flashlight he couldn’t believe what he saw. There lying next to that pile of armor was what looked to be a clone. Roth who was fascinated with The Clone Wars would read and study the clone’s tactics when he was younger. As Rendar knelled down, he noticed that the clone was still breathing but barely alive.

Clones Roth Rendar

Roth picked him up and started to take him back to his speeder.

“Don’t worry I’ll help you I’m going to take you to my village to help get you fixed up.”

The clone then opened his eyes and in a painful breath said “As you wish”, and closed his eyes again.

After getting the clone to the speeder, Roth realized it was too dangerous to head back at night. So, he built a small fire and set up camp. With the clone sleeping, Roth began staring at a dent on the stranger’s helmet that he picked up. He was confused by everything that happened today.

“This is not a typical clone helmet. What happened here?”

(The Bounty Hunter, to be continued…)

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