Story Synopsis: Protector #2

Mari takes her new robot demon friend to liberate her village and extract a bit of revenge in Protector #2.

In the previous issue Mari escaped her slavers, but just barely.  While on the run it looked like she was caught, but a drop of blood landed on a robot and activated it.  When the robot woke up it slaughtered her slavers and they escaped together.

This issue introduced a little bit more about the robot.  The robot was sentient and was trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  It was trying to reach control or someone who could tell him anything about where or when he was.

Protector issue 2

Mari thought it was a demon and kept calling it Dark Lord.  She told the robot that there were others like him. Oh course the robot wanted to find them.

While walking Mari asked the robot to help free her village from the slavers.  The robot agreed to help, but this brought up new problems. If the robot was not a demon then he must be Hesukristos.  Hesukristos was the son of God who Satan sent demons to kill, but has risen up again to make the world right.

Can Mari and this robot who I’ll call Hesukristos save her people?

This Issue Of Protector Is A Bit Slower

I liked the first issue of this series a lot and I liked this issue a lot too.  However, I think this issue is a little weaker than the first. It is purely because this is an information issue with not a ton of forward development.

Protector issue 2

Protector Is Not Your Typical Robot

I loved that Hesukristos is sentient.  I was not expecting him to be able to talk or think much for himself.  In most stories he would just be a big dumb robot with a heart of gold.  However, Hesukristos is far from that. Hesukristos is cursing and using Mari to get to his goal of finding out what the hell is going on.  He has a lot of personality so far and I am really enjoying that aspect.

This world is supposed to be inhabited by others like Hesukristos.  We meet one, but it is not exactly the same. I am looking forward to seeing what happened to Hesukristos and what these other robots are doing.  It will be interesting to see if they are a ruling class and are kings or something. There could be a handful of them or hundreds. I am eagerly awaiting to find out more about them.

Protector is progressing very nicely.  There is still a lot of unexplored lore I hope we get more of.  For example what set the world back to the stone age basically. I see good things coming in future issues and I can’t wait to read them.



Written by: Daniel M. Bensen and Simon Roy

Art by:  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Artyom Trakhanov and Jason Wordie

Cover by: James Harren

Release: 2/26/2020

Publisher: Image Comics

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