Over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair, amongst all the cool new toys coming, they announced Netflix would add to its growing repertoire of titles. Coming some time in 2020, Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy would release on the Netflix and be the first installment in a trio of movies/seasons. Check HERE for the trailer and information. Siege will be the first part of Cybertron’s end. It will be cool for so many reasons.

Siege Autobots
The Autobots to come

Cybertron’s End: Have We Been Led Here?

When one walks through the toy aisles of any store, the Transformers being sold come from the latest movie or animated feature. Of course Bumblebee and the previous movies made up part of what’s on the shelf, but the other major label the past two years has been titled: War for Cybertron. This line of figures featured G1 Transformers with their Cybertronian Alt forms. Not only that, but the figures are beat to hell with battle-scar markings all over.

I never saw a cartoon or any other media related to them so it puzzled me. I assumed it was just a way to be fresh and get away from the disastrous movies. Now I have to wonder if they have not been leading us here for some time. Anime, while they may have cost and time saving tricks, still take some time to produce. Has this all been one giant foreshadow to this series?!

Cybertron’s End Never Looked So Beautiful

Oh My God! If this trailer was not the most beautiful rendering of the Transformers and their world ever done, then I don’t know what is. In virtually every incarnation Transformers took, it always came out bright, shiny and crisp, save for a few key moments in the ’87 movie.

This new anime took a page from George Lucas. The world is dark, largely colorless, dirty and gritty. All of the Transformers look smashed up, beat up and as if they truly are going through war. Both Prime and Megatron both have huge gashes and cracks across their body. The bodies themselves are hyper-defined to brilliant detail.

The robots while naturally a bit foreign in Alt mode, look exactly like their G1 beginning designs when in robot mode. Over the course of the trailer we see dozens of faces and bodies enthusiasts will love. It will be a scavenger’s dream!

Cybertron’s End: Straight From the 80s!

The world look beautiful, but what can we tell about the story? Honestly, most every Transfomers cartoon and series (not attached to Bay) tell wonderful stories and lack very little in that department. What I love about this trailer is that is shows once again Netflix does not fear the darkness. Netflix and their recent series charge full speed ahead and don’t hesitate to kill when called for. Transformers: The Movie, Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Star Wars, the ‘children’s’ programming’ went dark unlike today’s softy PC cartoons.

Megatron’s been through hell!

The Transformers bear deep scars. We see one seeker explode mid air while another gets slashed apart. Chromia rides a flatbed with the body of a Transformer with a giant hole blown into his side. The punches look brutal and the tone promises to be dark.

Listening to dialogue of Megatron and Prime promises this will show the political manipulations going on as well. If you notice Autobot Jetfire stands with the Decepticons in the trailer even though he will later change sides.

Cybertron’s End Equals Big Win

While we wait for release dates and format announcements, there can be little doubt, Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege promises to be a great series/trilogy. Unlike its movie counterpart, Age of Extinction, this one WILL deliver!

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