Well Marvel fans if you haven’t noticed Toy Fair New York has started and Funko has already announced a few new Pop! figures to add to your collection. From Games to Zombies there will be something for any Marvel fan.

Marvel Movies

First we will start off with the Marvel Movies. Funko has given us another amazing Stan Lee Pop! from Marvel: Thor Ragnarok. Just make sure to sit still his hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. Then from Avengers Endgame Valkyrie comes flying at us on her winged horse. Finally from Spider-man Far From Home comes J. Jonah Jameson the news reporter from the Daily Bugle that is ready to take Spider-Man down. Not a bad way to start off the Toy Fair reveals.

Funko Pop! Candy

Here Funko is coming at us with a sweet upgrade to their Pop! line. The Marvel Pop! candy line will have some of your favorite superheros with candy in them. So the big question for all you collectors is do you eat the candy or display the the candy still in it?

funko pop candy

Avengers Game Pop! Figures

The next line gives us a look at the characters of the new Marvel: Avengers game. This series will include the superheros we know with a slightly different look. We also get a limited chase with this set, glow in the dark Black Widow in her Stark Suit. Also as you can tell from the pictures below there will be a few in-store exclusives in this series.

Funko Marvel Zombies

Don’t worry Zombie fans Marvel and Funko have not forgot about you. Funko has just introduce their Marvel Zombie line. The Marvel Zombies will also have a few in-store exclusives and also a line of keychains.

Marvel Comics

Finally if you are a fan of Marvel Comics and Spider-Man this Entertainment Earth Spider-Man Captain Universe Pop! should make you excited. Some may remember that Captain Universe first appeared in Marvel’s Micronauts #8. The Guardian and protector of Eternity has merged with a lot of superheros and here we get him in Spider-Man form.

funko spiderman

We want to hear from you

So far Funko has given us a great Marvel lineup at Toy Fair New York. You can already pre-order some of these at retailers like Entertainment Earth and Amazon or you can also support local businesses like our friends at Hobbitland Toys.

So what are some of your favorite Marvel Funko Pop! figure Reveals? What other Marvel items are you hoping to see revealed today? You can tell us your thoughts by hitting us up on Twitter or myself @starwarsnerd574. Also, make sure to stay up to date on all Toy Fair New York news by following us at ThatHashtagShow.com.