If you’re among the contingency of Star Wars fans hoping to see the “J.J. Abrams cut” of The Rise of Skywalker, I’d suggest that you not hold your breath. If you do, you’ll likely turn two shades bluer than Luke’s milk from A New Hope. What makes us say so? Well, if you were paying attention to Star Wars news at all yesterday, you’d have an idea.

Yesterday Disney and Lucasfilm announced that The Rise of Skywalker would arrive on Digital and Blu-ray March 17th and 20th, respectively. As with every major film release to home video, they will come with bonus features. (We touched on what those features are yesterday, as well.) What’s notable, however, is what’s not included in those features. Namely, there’s no director’s commentary, nor are there any deleted scenes.

Rise of Skywalker home release seems to confirm no Abrams cut

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Abrams Cut

In past practice, even with films such as Solo: A Star Wars Story, the home releases of Star Wars films have included deleted scenes, commentary, or both. Not so with The Rise of Skywalker. If an Abrams cut of the film exists, then one would expect that there would be plenty of unused footage or deleted scenes. Even if an alternate version of the film doesn’t exist, why didn’t Lucasfilm include some of the footage as bonus material?

It could very well be that Kathleen Kennedy & co. are doing their very best to quash any and all rumors of an Abrams cut. Let’s face it: Even The Last Jedi, as controversial as it was, came to Digital and Blu-ray with deleted scenes. In this case, however, providing deleted scenes would only fan the flames of speculation regarding an alternate version. Likewise, If J.J. Abrams was unhappy with the final cut of the film (as was rumored), why feature is commentary on it?

Abrams Cut; Rise of Skywalker; Star Wars
We will get to see “making of” footage from Pasaana, but no deleted scenes.
(Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Maybe there is an Abrams cut, after all. Perhaps we’ll be surprised when The Rise of Skywalker arrives next month and get some deleted scenes. I suppose we won’t know until March 17th….

But I wouldn’t bet my ship on it.