Well if a trip down memory lane is what you are looking for, you have found it. Hasbro has announced that it is bringing back the classic Tiger Electronics LCD handheld games you remember playing as a kid. Also for a reminder I have also included an original Sonic The Hedgehog commercial below.

Tiger Electronics lineup

So, I hope you are all ready for some 90s nostalgia gaming. There will be four classic Tiger Electronics LCD handheld games in total, each retailing at $14.99. The titles will be… Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Disney’s Little Mermaid, Marvel’s X-Men: Project X and Transformers’ Generation 2. These titles are available now for pre-order at GameStop.

What to expect

Well, if you have no clue what these Tiger Electronics games are, or never have seen them in action do get your technology hopes up to high. These games were all created with the original 90s design and technology in mind. They will still have that same colorful plastic look with the same basic graphics they had in the 90s over a background that never changes. Oh yeah make sure to get a few AA batteries because there are no charging cables either.

We want to hear from you

So are you excited about these retro Tiger Electronics LCD handhelds making a comeback? Do you still have any of you old handheld systems and if so what is your favorite?

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