Daniel Craig for the 5th and final time as 007: James Bond
Daniel Craig for the 5th and final time as 007: James Bond

Bond fans who watched the Chiefs-49ers game this weekend were treated to a few clips of the new 007 film coming in April 2020. Check it out below:

007: Did The New Trailer Clip Reveal Too Much?

One nice thing about Daniel Craig’s 007 films is the continuity. There are threads in No Time to Die that began unraveling back in the first Craig-as-Bond film, Casino Royale in 2006. The connection we see continuing in this film is his relationship with Madeline Swann, daughter of a villain named Mr. White from Casino Royale. As with any Bond relationship (friend, foe or otherwise), theirs is extremely complicated.

 Madeline Swann, played by Léa Seydoux, 007: No Time to Die
Madeline Swann, played by Léa Seydoux, 007: No Time to Die

The original trailer hints that the masked villain shooting at Bond through the ice is Remi Malek’s bond villain, Safin (who I think will eventually become Dr. No). This trailer (and the one before it) keeps hinting some secret Madeline Swann is hiding that will be devastating to 007 when revealed. This new clip all but puts Ms. Swann in the creepy broken doll mask. They may have tipped their hand and told the world Spectre still lives, and Swann is part of it.

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Movies love to dangle red herrings. Writers do it, too. They leave things so obvious, you can’t help but believe it. That’s when the knife gets twisted in the plot. It could be this trailer leads us to think she’s a baddie out to destroy Bond. But is she? Did they reveal too much here?

Daniel Craig as 007: James Bond films

I highly recommend watching Craig’s 007 films in order before seeing No Time to Die (see photo above). I’ve been a 007 fan since I was ten years old, and though Daniel Craig is not my favorite Bond, I am excited to see this film. Something tells me in his last hurrah as James Bond, Daniel Craig will not leave anything on the table in this performance. All threads, from Casino Royale through Spectre, will get tied up here, 007 style!

Where Does The Bond Franchise Go After This?

Rumors always swirl like a maelstrom when a new Bond is up for audition. This will be Craig’s last Bond film. Who takes up the 007 mantle next? We’ll be covering all your James Bond news right here! Also, follow all our reviews and pop-culture news at That Hashatg Show, and for all your James Bond 007 info, check out the official site: 007.com.

In theaters April 2nd