The story of everyone’s favorite robots in disguise continues! Not one but two Transformers spinoffs are currently in early development at Paramount Pictures and Allspark Productions. 

Transformers spin-offs: what we know


One of these spinoff films is a continuation of 2018’s Bumblebee with Joby Harold (Army Of Dead) attached to write. The other is based on the Transformers spin-off series Beast Wars with James Vanderbilt (Independence Day: Resurgence and the Amazing Spider-Man films) currently attached to write. So far no directors are attached.

According to Deadline Hollywood and Variety both of these projects are in the very early stages of development. Paramount is looking to expand Transformers into spinoff franchises that have the potential to be strong series of their own under the Transformers IP. Bumblebee gave them a strong start with a soft reboot and given the ending a follow up makes sense. Beast Wars meanwhile is a fan favorite spin off line that also enjoyed success as a 3D animated series in the late 90s.

For those who came in late…

Bumblebee (2018); Transformers

Paramount has been in an awkward place with the Transformers franchise of late. The first Michael Bay film has a fond place in people’s hearts and was a hit at the box office. By the time the 5th film (The Last Knight) came out however both audiences and Bay himself were done. Bumblebee, written by Christine Hodgson (Birds of Prey) and directed by Travis Knight (Kubo & The Two Strings), was a different take on the franchise. With a simpler plot, a lower budget, more focus on character, and a colorful 80s setting. While a critical darling, with high audiences scores, the film underperformed so the future of the franchise has remained unclear.


Joby Harold and James Vanderbilt are both primarily producers who have had a little experience with writing. Furthermore neither of their filmographies are exceptional. However both projects are still early enough in production to bring on other writers should the need arise. Plus Paramount still has the chance to bring on strong directors to helm both projects. All in all, the future looks promising for Transformers!