Asuka vs. Becky Lynch (Raw Women’s Championship)

Asuka Becky Royal Rumble

Asuka and Becky Lynch met up in one of the best booked matches we’ve seen on the card. These two have had a pretty storied history that continues from last years Royal Rumble. Over the past year and a half of Becky Lynch being “The Man”, Asuka is really the only one that has gotten the best of her. Lynch’s magical Rumble last year began with her losing to Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Title. So when this match rolled around on the card, what would be the case for it? Would it be a sufficient sequel to their magic from the previous year? Or would it fall to the same fate as the other Women’s Championship match?

I can safely say that this was the best singles match on the card. I didn’t write a “play-by-play” for it on my phone because I was that invested. It had it all, it teased a ref bump, Asuka almost hit Lynch with the green mist one last time, but Becky pulled out all her stops to win. The finale of the match was Asuka trying to gain the upper hand, the ref being distracted, and it looking like the green mist was going to be the finish. Lynch instead kicked Asuka causing her to spew the green mist all over herself, and then she locked in the Disarmer.

Grade and Final Thoughts

Their in-ring chemistry was amazing as always. You could see the character changes that Lynch was undergoing during the match. She knew Asuka had her number previously, but her confidence busted through. Asuka was her equal in the match, which was nice to see for the former dominant NXT champion. They had a sign of respect after the match that I hope leads to more from them down the line. The only thing I can complain about was that Kairi Sane was at ringside, but she wasn’t involved in the match at all.

Grade: 4.5/5