Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Women's Royal Rumble match, 2020

The women’s Royal Rumble match would be the next up on the card. Surprisingly, there was only seven superstars confirmed for the match. That means we would be getting some surprises for sure in the match. Without running through every superstar to come in the match. We’ll just go through the major points of the match. The first two competitors were surprises to me, Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss. These two had pretty good chemistry, which was surprising to me. The first surprise of the night was “Mighty Molly” entering, which to everyone, was Molly Holly. Number four was Nikki Cross. Alexa now had her tag team partner in the match. The fifth entry was Lana. Who took her sweet time to get down to the ring, spouting off about how she’s the best superstar in the WWE.

Number six was NXT superstar, Mercedes Martinez. She got in some good looks and dominated the competition in the ring. So far, it’s okay, nothing insane. Number seven would be the first storyline entrant of the match. Liv Morgan took the fight right away to Lana. She immediately eliminates Lana to cheers from the crowd. Lana took it right back to Liv Morgan and pulled her off the apron to eliminate her. The match would continue for a bit and number 8 would be Mandy Rose. Number 9 was NXT Superstar Candice LaRae. This is where we got one of the biggest moments and pops of the match. Belair eliminated Holly. Mandy Rose looked to be eliminated, but a quick cut to… OTIS. She fell on top of Otis waiting for her. The crowd and onlookers at the Hashtag Studio BLEW UP with cheers.

The Royal Rumble Match Continues

Sonya Deville was the next one out to the Rumble. Otis was sticking by ringside to chants from the crowd. Martinez was eliminated by Deville and Mandy. Number 11 and 12 would be Kairi Sane and Mia Yim. It looked like Otis would save Mandy for one last time, but Sonya fell on them. Eliminating both competitors. Lucky number 13 was Dana Brooke. Belair eliminates LaRae, Bliss eliminates Sane. 14, 15, 16 would be Tamina, Dakota Kai, and Chelsea Green. Tamina gets dumped out by Belair. The Queen, Charlotte was the 17th entrant. She takes her sweet time to get to the ring. 18 would be our second return of the match, with Naomi. She gets a big pop from the Houston crowd.

Naomi and Flair have a staredown. 19 would be another big return with Beth Phoenix. She comes out firing at Charlotte. 20 was Toni Storm, and Charlotte finally dumped Belair out. She gave a great performance in this match, she’s a future star. 21 would be Kelly Kelly with another return for the match. She did a couple moves, hit a hurricanrana, and then got dumped out by Charlotte. 22 would be Sarah Logan, who came out firing, but was eliminated by Charlotte as well. At this point it looks like Charlotte’s nose is bleeding, but it’s actually Beth Phoenix’s head. She’s busted up in the back of her head. It only got worse throughout the match.

The Finale of the Match

Beth Phoenix would gain her friend, Natalya for the 23rd entrant of the match. They both tag team Charlotte. 24, 25, 26 would be Xia Li, Zelina Vega, and Shotzi Blackheart. Somehow Beth Phoenix is still competing in this match with a huge gash in her head. Naomi got a “Kofi” spot, where she was looking like she would be eliminated, but saved herself on the barricade. Carmella would be the 27th entrant. Charlotte gets thrown through the middle rope, which looked to be a huge elimination, but not. 28 and 29 would be Tegan Nox and Santina Marella. In a big comedy spot that the crowd popped for, Marella and Phoenix had a staredown from their Mania Women’s Battle Royale. He brings out the cobra, and eliminates himself. 30 would be the queen of blackhearts herself, Shayna Baszler.

She came out firing, destroying Charlotte, eliminating Li, Nox, Vega, Storm, and Naomi. Our final four was Charlotte, Shayna, Phoenix, and Natty. Natty and Phoenix looked to team up, but then Phoenix threw her out. Three left. Baszler and Charlotte have a tense staredown. Phoenix gets eliminated, and it’s down to two. Flair looks like she was going to get eliminated, but stuck her legs out and tossed Shayna over the top rope.

Winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble: Charlotte

Grade: 3.5/5

This has to have a greater ending than just Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte. We didn’t get Ronda, we didn’t get Sasha, we didn’t get Rhea Ripley. It was used to make Shayna look like a monster, Bianca Belair was great, Alexa Bliss was the iron-woman of the match. But it was missing that great ending. Unless this leads to Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte for the NXT Championship, this has to be disappointing. It was missing that big top end talent of the women’s division, and it was missing some of the big spots that the previous matches had. So it did it’s job, but it wasn’t flashy.