Story Synopsis: Protector #1

In the year 3241 A.D. much has changed on Earth, but remnants of the past still exist and one may change a slave girl’s life forever in Protector #1.

The area around the Great Lakes has dried up and become a desert.  Slaves were mining the area. A young slave girl named Mari ran away and tried to escape her slave life.  She was extra important because she is Yanqui Priestess. We don’t know exactly what that means yet.

While Mari was on the run it looked like she fell into a pit, but she found an underground cavern to hide in.  It looked like she was done for as the slavers were closing in on her. However, she found an ancient robot which seemed to be activated by her blood as it dripped on the robot.  The robot woke up and ripped off a slaver’s arm. What were these robots and why were they hidden underground?

Comic Protector #1

Protector #1‘s Cover Had Me Invested, But I Stayed For The Story

The first thing that grabbed my attention for this comic was the cover.  James Stokoe did the cover and he is one of my favorite comic artists, but he rarely does comic art.  When I looked at the interior art it looked like Stokoe did the interior art as well and I was really excited.  Under closer inspection he only did the cover, but the artist has a very similar style.

It is far too early to know what is going on in this comic, but it doesn’t seem like it is going in a bad direction.  First good sign is the comic is a limited series with only five issues. This means the story won’t go on for far too long and become boring.  

The second thing I liked was the giant robot stuff.  I mean who doesn’t like a giant robot friend. It would be great if I had one right now, but maybe in the future.  I look forward to seeing why these robots were abandoned and why blood activated it. Is Mari’s blood special or will anyone’s blood do that?

Comic Protector #1

Protector‘s Robots And A Few Mouth Watering Details

However, by far my favorite thing about the comic is the alternate future theme.  I love that kind of theme because I want to see how the world has changed. We already know the area surrounding the Great Lakes dried up, but we don’t know why.  It could be as simple and mundane as global warming. A WWIII with robot battles could have caused it. However, it could also be aliens and they destroyed our atmosphere.  I really hope aliens are involved.

Something I really hope comes into play in this series appears in the back of the issue.  There is a description of some of the tribes which now inhabit North America. Each tribe has pictures of what they look like, how they dress, weapons they use, a brief summary of their culture and how they interact with other tribes.  This is absolutely fascinating, but was not necessary at all. The fact they put it in gives me hope this will become a deep and interesting limited series.

I have high hopes for this comic, but it is just too early to tell what it will become.



Written by: Daniel M. Bensen and Simon Roy

Art by:  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Artyom Trakhanov and Jason Wordie

Cover by: James Stokoe

Release: 1/29/2020

Publisher: Image

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