Marty Scurll has reportedly re-signed with ROH. The last piece of the Being The Elite puzzle seems to be staying in Ring of Honor. It’s being called the most lucrative deal in Ring of Honor history. While the details aren’t exactly clear, there are a bunch of interesting rumors surrounding the contract.

ROH made Scurll an offer he couldn’t refuse, and that his new deal is for “WWE main roster money“. ROH was also willing to give Marty a reduced number of dates for appearances. The number being thrown around is 40 dates. On top of that, the new contract lets Scurll work for companies other than Ring of Honor. The list touts NJPW, NWA, and PWG. It’s also been said that Marty wants to form a working relationship between ROH and AEW.

Marty Scurll in NWA
Under his new deal, Marty Scurll would continue to work with NWA and other companies.

Marty Scurll: Head Booker of ROH?

Marty Scurll could indeed influence that ROH/AEW relationship going forward. Along with his big money contract and reduced dates, another very interesting incentive has been floating around. Remember that these are, for now, just rumors. The incentive states that Marty Scurll will become the lead booker of Ring of Honor. Which would mean he would be taking over the book from Hunter “Delirious” Johnson. This would end Johnson’s nearly ten year reign as head of Ring of Honor creative.

There are conflicting reports. As another states that Johnson will remain the head booker, until Scurll feels comfortable taking over the position. There is another report on top of that, that states Scurll would just be on the booking team. With Johnson remaining as head booker. Whatever the case is, it seems that Scurll has gotten the best deal he could out of Ring of Honor.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Scurll was smart to stay with Ring of Honor? Or would you have rather seen him with the rest of Being The Elite in All Elite Wrestling?