Not sure if anyone noticed in The Mandalorian but there was this little green guy that seemed to be everywhere Mando was. OK yes everyone noticed, you cannot go a day without seeing a Baby Yoda (The Child) meme or picture on any of your social media feeds. Well now thanks to you can have even more Baby Yoda in your house by downloading their free This Is The Way: A Baby Yoda Coloring Book.

Baby Yoda Coloring book

Six Pages of Baby Yoda Fun

With the lack of Baby Yoda Merchandise, we all know there isn’t a lot of fun ways to enjoy its cuteness other than wearing a shirt or watching The Mandalorian every day. Now I know there is nothing wrong with those options but thanks to Vulture, your kids or even yourself can take a break from the TV or computer and color six fun Baby Yoda scenes.

Mandalorian; the child Baby yoda
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

How to print

Thanks to Vulture and illustrator Martin Gee for coming up with this Baby Yoda coloring book. It was inspired by some his biggest moments in the series. You can download these scenes by clicking here or going to

Have fun and show us your coloring skills

So, there you go. Now you can have some coloring fun with your children or even yourself, we wont judge. Are you excited about this free coloring book? If so and you plan on using it we at That Hashtag Show would love to see your household’s best coloring skills.

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