Story Synopsis: Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1

New York’s vampire mafia has one last huddle before they can fully take control of the city.  That last huddle is named Vampirella, but find out how they plan on defeating her in this week’s Comic Rewind, Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1.

Vampire Monsignor Pesaro was the head of the New York vampires.  The plan to take over the city has had setback after setback because of Vampirella.  However, he had a plan for dealing with Vampirella. Pesaro’s plan involved the mysterious Von Kreist.  However, first he needed to take out the current mob boss of the city.

Vampirella knew Pesaro was looking to take out the mob boss so she went to his hideout to protect him, but she was captured. Von Kreist and his vampire minions were heading up to the penthouse as Vampirella was stuck in the basement.

However, Von Kreist made it up to the mob boss before Vampirella could intervene.  The mob boss had to choose between twin daughters and which he wanted to let die. However, the surviving daughter was forced to kill her dad.

Comic Vampirella masters

Vampirella came in too late and only saw the aftermath with the surviving daughter, Dixie, cradling her dead father.  However, this was not the last we would hear from Dixie because Vampirella was training her to be a vampire hunter like herself.

Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1 was written by Mark Millar and Grant Morrison with art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Dynamite Entertainment published the volume in 2010.

Vampirella Revisited

I said that I wanted to revisit Vampirella and try to see was she is so popular.  This comic didn’t exactly blow me away and show me why she is so popular, but I can understand now.  It is absolutely based on her being so sexy and wearing very little clothes. However, there is an interesting story in there.

Vampirella’s Origin Is Surprisingly Good

Vampirella is the daughter of Lilith aka the first wife of Adam of Adam and Eve fame.  Lilith is the most notorious demon in Jewish tradition and is the mother of all vampires.  However, one day she has a change of heart and tasks her daughter, Vampirella, to kill all vampires.

I found that a pretty cool origin of Vampirella.  Let me tell you it is very tempting to do a deep dive on Lilith’s story because the little I saw was really interesting.  It would be interesting to see what Vampirella was doing before she was given her mission.

Comic Vampirella masters

Vampirella’s Looks Seemed To Be Secondary

Our red vampire hunter is very sexy, but she never uses her looks to her advantage.  I liked that it seemed like an afterthought. Vampirella is her own woman and the sex appeal is not important to her story or who she is.  She is this badass who happens to be halfnaked.

If a writer really wanted to they could do a deep dive on her and tell a very deep and complex story.  I would welcome that kind of Vampirella comic because the base of an interesting story is already there.

However, this particular volume is just ok.  The story has a little bit of complexities and Von Kreist is a good villain with an interesting origin.  Nothing in the volume blew me away, but it was also never boring. I felt like the reader was dropped in without enough background on her, but not by much.  It would have been helpful if I knew a little more about Vampirella’s powers and a little more personality from her.

If someone is looking to read a Vampirella comic and doesn’t know a good starting point then this is the comic for them.



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