And finally, the next Star Wars trilogy everyone wants to see – #1: Thrawn

Thrawn is Star Wars' most-loved villain
Thrawn is Star Wars‘ most-loved villain

Even though this puts us back in the same narrow timeline, fans far and wide want the blue-skinned Chiss to have his own film and they want it now. Timothy Zahn’s novels, both old and new, are some of the best-selling Star Wars books ever printed. There is no doubt a trilogy around him would pack theaters wherever it showed. As far as actors who could play him, my two picks would be either Michael Fassbender of Jon Hamm. Both have the look and the acting chops to pull it off. I’d give the edge to Fassbender since we know he makes a good villain (and he has the right voice), but Hamm has the right look. A new rumor surfaced recently saying there is a film in early development called The Glare of Thrawn, but it’s just a rumor.

Michael Fassbender and Jon Hamm. Either could be a good Thrawn.
Michael Fassbender and Jon Hamm. Either could be a good Thrawn.

Where this could fail to launch is the snag of remaining canon. Thrawn had a few episodes in Star Wars: Rebels that put him in the position of disappearing with Ezra Bridger, so his films would either need to take place at the beginning of his career in the Empire (which was told in Zahn’s books), his early career as a Chiss ascendancy operative (also partly told in Zahn’s books), or finally reveal where the heck he and Ezra went at the end of Rebels and what happened after. Either way, parts of his story have already been told in novels, comic books, and cartoons. Still, I’d go see a Thrawn movie probably 4 or 5, or 20 times just because it’s Thrawn.

Star Wars: Thrawn with the Chiss Ascendancy
Thrawn’s early days with the Chiss would be awesome, too.

But wait, what about…

Other honorable mentions were a Yoda origin film, a Palpatine origin film, a trilogy about Darth Plagueis, and finally a handful of fans want to see a trilogy about the Star Wars underworld. All good ideas, but not likely candidates.

Well, the fans have spoken. Hello Lucasfilm… are you listening? What would you like to see that didn’t make the list? What’s your burning Star Wars desire? To keep up with all things Star Wars, go to That Hashtag Show, or get it straight from the source at Star!