Story Synopsis: Ghosted Vol. 1

Jackson T. Winters is hired to steal something no one has ever stolen before.  It is so unusual that he doesn’t even know if it is possible. He is going to try to steal a ghost in this week’s Comic Rewind, Ghosted Vol. 1.

Winters’ last big score didn’t go so well.  He and his team tried to rob a casino and his whole team died with him being the lone survivor.  This score has haunted him while he served his time and waited to die in prison.

However, one day a badass blonde woman, Anderson Lake, broke him out of prison because her boss needed Winters.  Markus Schrecken was an aging billionaire who had a big collection of rare artifacts, but he was missing one thing.  Schrecken needed a ghost to complete his collection.

Comic Ghosted

Winters was a master thief and Schrecken gave him a choice, steal a ghost or go back to prison.  The Trask Mansion was one of the most famous and most haunted buildings in the world. Schrecken told him he wanted a ghost from the mansion and Winters assembled his perfect team for the job.

However, it turns out stealing a ghost was really hard and a haunted mansion full of vengeful spirits was very dangerous.

 Ghosted Vol. 1 was written by Joshua Williamson with art by Miroslav Mrva and Goran Sudzuka.  Image Comics published the volume in 2013.

Ghosted Had A Great Concept

Heist movies are always fun and a heist comic should be fun too.  Not only that but then add in the big score is a ghost and that sounds like one hell of a good concept.  This comic concept checked off a lot of boxes for me. However, it failed to do any of the genres well.

The Trask Mansion is very haunted and was the location of The Most Dangerous Game like scenario with the hunting of humans inside the mansion.  Those spirits are sure to be angry about their death, but we only see one and she saves Winters from dying.  This house has hundreds of ghosts and we only see one. What a wasted opportunity.

Comic Ghosted

Ghosted Failed To Do Any Genre Or Story Point Well

With all the angry ghosts one would think it may be a scary story, but one would be wrong.  Throughout the entire volume not a single time was I creeped out or did anything scary happen.

The heist aspect was also poorly executed.  Winters’ heist team has very different characters with diverse specialties.   However, we never get more than a surface level look into their lives or personalities.  Every victory the characters achieve feels unearned and every failure seems unimportant. There was never a doubt in my mind they would catch a ghost and it made the stakes very low.  How can you have a good heist movie when everything works almost according to plan?

I absolutely love the concept of this comic, but it failed on every level.  Every time I turned a page I was let down again and again. The volume was a quick and easy read and that is the only good part about this comic.



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