WARNING: Article contains very minor spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you prefer, check out our completely spoiler-free review HERE.

The Rise of Skywaler Premier
Cast and crew appear at the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker world premiere in Hollywood on December 16, 2019. (Image credit unknown.)

Director J.J. Abrams had the unenviable task of bring a trio of trilogies and over forty years of Star Wars history to a close. Not only did he accomplish the task with The Rise of Skywalker, he did so with what will arguably rise among the ranks of the best films of the saga. The film, however, proves once again why such sites like Rotten Tomatoes, or reviews in general, simply don’t matter.

So let’s get this out of the way right now: Rotten Tomatoes reviews are pure, unadulterated trash, and if you rely on them you should wear a tin foil hat so we know who you are. The Rise of Skywalker right now has a 58% rating. In reading some of the reviews, it’s clear that they stem from a Last Jedi hangover – people are still so hung up on the divisiveness of that film that they’ve failed to see The Rise of Skywalker for what it is. And what’s that, you ask? It’s an emotional, exciting, and satisfying conclusion to a story that began four decades ago.

The Rise of Skywalker a worthy Star Wars entry

The Rise of SKywalker
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

The film jumps right into the action, and with few exceptions rarely lets off the throttle for the entirety of the two hour and twenty-one minute thrill ride. There is plenty of nostalgia to go around, as well as new twists and turns that keep the story interesting to its final moments. Notwithstanding, the reviews illustrate one very obvious point: people are more concerned with promoting their bloviated opinions than with actually, objectively reviewing the film.

Okay, okay, I’m sure some of you will say I’m doing the same thing with the article. But I am at least trying to stay objective. The Rise of Skywalker had its faults. Several, actually. One example is that it perhaps tries to squeeze too much into the film. It at times felt bloated with content. Still, overall, it more than adequately concluded a saga that began way back in 1977. Yet… one “writer” said it was the worst Star Wars film ever. I’m not even going to dignify that ridiculousness by naming him or providing a citation to his article. If you want to google it, go ahead and read his angry, conceited drivel for yourself.

Concluding four decades of Star Wars history

The Rise of Skywalker; Star Wars
Daisy Ridley is Rey in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

As he did with The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams accomplished with the film what he needed to accomplish. I can confirm that it does answer the question of Rey’s parentage, provides backstory for other characters, and explains Threepio’s red eyes. Likewise, it handles Carrie Fisher’s death with the empathy and grace it so deserved.

All in all I think J.J. Abrams succeeded in closing out the Skywalker saga. He created an emotional, exciting, stunning, shocking, and satisfying conclusion to this Star Wars saga. As someone who’s been there from the beginning, I personally found it a worthy end to the stories and characters I fell in love with so many years ago. Negative reviews I’ve seen thus far, to the contrary, seem nitpicky, childish, or contradictory. Because of The Last Jedi it seems people just want to create controversy where there should be none.

Skywalker Saga
How the Skywalker Saga began a long, long time ago…. (Image: Lucasfilm)

And let’s be perfectly clear here: The Last Jedi held a high Rotten Tomatoes ranking, yet is widely reviled as one of the worst ( if not the worst) entries in the entire saga. Contrarily, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Rise of Skywalker becomes one of the most loved films of the franchise.

It arrives in theaters tonight in previews, and officially worldwide December 20.