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WWE Hall of Famer and multi-time World Champion, Edge could be closer to an in-ring return than you think. PWInsider and RingsideNews are both separately reporting that the Rated-R Superstar has signed a new deal with an upside to wrestle. The Royal Rumble is coming up soon. What could that mean for Edge?

Edge’s Return Is Imminent

WWE seems to be making a big deal about NXT‘s involvement in the Rumble match. According to Bryan Alvarez of PWInsider, the plan is to have 10 RAW, 10 Smackdown, and 10 NXT Superstars in the match. Now we all know that’s not going to be fully the case. The Rumble always has a couple surprise entrants.

These range from people freshly debuting in the company or legends returning. Most of the time these legends are coming back for a one-of appearance. In Edge’s case, it seems like the return would set up, at least, a Wrestlemania match. For now, we can just think who Edge could match up with at the Show of Shows.

Who Could Edge Match Up With?

First off, I’ll add the disclaimer that Edge did, have debilitating neck issues that caused his retirement in the first place. Multiple WWE superstars have come back now with the advances in modern medicine from issues like this. Sting had similar issues. If he wasn’t getting up there in age, would probably be returning to the ring as well.

For me, there’s only really one choice to face Edge at Wrestlemania.

Courtesy of WWE

Seth Rollins.

With a freshly turned heel, Seth Rollins, you might think that his program with Kevin Owens is going to last until Wrestlemania. I think it would better suit Rollins to finish that program with a heated, physical, “Triple H/Shawn Michaels” type match at the Rumble. Then in the Rumble match, have Edge debut. Seth Rollins is one of the best workers in WWE, so he could definitely carry Edge to a great match. If there’s anyone in WWE who could use the rub from a Hall of Famer right now to get some credibility back, it’s Rollins.

So that’s it for right now, we don’t have a solid view on who Edge would face in his in-ring return, but we know he could be on his way back. For more on this story as it develops, check back to That Hashtag Show.