Unlike with Solo, the marketing blitz for Rise of Skywalker continues at full speed. Disney is sparing no expense to market this movie as we are getting new TV trailers and posters about every week. Recently, the posters for both the Imax and Real D 3D formats dropped. They look sharp and highlight some of the unknowns coming in this final film of the Skywalker saga. Here are the Rise of Skywalker posters:

Rise of Skywalker Posters: Heroes and History

These new posters seem to focus on heroes of the new saga and history, namely the Skywalker bloodline. Both feature Kylo’s helmet and its red repair streaks in the high background. This is the tradition placement of the villain in previous posters such as Maul, Vader or Sidious. Kylo owns the leadership of the First Order now, so does this show that Ben is truly gone to the dark side? Or is he still torn between the light and dark.

The Real D 3D poster showcases our heroes for the final movie along with the ships that will feature in this major battle. The heroes fan out in the traditional triangle format. Our main trio of heroes dominate the foreground, while everyone else fans out behind. This has the very classic poster look. The Imax poster is perhaps a bit more intriguing.

Rise of Skywalker Poster: Imax poster

The Imax poster seems to keep the theme more of this trilogy by washing the colors in red and blue. Anything around Kylo carries a red tint, while Rey’s side goes blue. While Kylo dominates the top of the poster, Rey stands tall in the middle of the, dressed in her Jedi colors, wielding her trusty staff once more.

Perhaps the more interesting thing comes in the images behind Rey and the blue sun. Highlighted the most by the blue sun is Leia, fitting since this is her movie to a degree. I do not know if this was intentional or not, but the blue wash gives our Princess a ghostly faded quality that hints at a force spirit.

Then you have the area between the gals and Kylo. At first it looks like the silhouette of Kylo’s shoulder except it doesn’t look right. Like one of those forced image pictures the shoulder flows into the silhouette of Master Skywalker. Three out of four figures are Skywalkers. Is there a hidden implication to Rey’s parentage here? Keep in mind if Sidious creates Rey she will be related to the Skywalkers Sidious is Anakin’s “father”.

On Dec 20th we shall finally get our answers.