Star treated us to a sneak-peek 30-second clip from Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker today. The chase scene on Passana gets a little more intense. Check it out below:

New clip from The Rise of Skywalker

The clip is pretty good. Other than the parts with Palatine, I’d rather have had this as the final trailer than the 2-minute nothing-burger we got during Monday Night Football a few weeks ago.

The Rise of Skywalker Re-shoot Rumors

Facebook is not the best place to find credible information, however some gems do pop up from time to time. A rumor that has been floating around a while now is about some secret screening of the nearly-completed Episode IX. The rumor was it is so bad that people were getting up and walking out. This is also the rumor about Bob Iger being so disappointed in the film up to that stage that he demanded re-shoots immediately. While this could have happened, I’m doubtful. It is just a rumor.

The Rise of Skywalker - Rey and Chewie in new clip
Yes, they fly now…

There’s an old saying about rumors. They are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots. While I would never expect a Disney press release coming out saying they had a screening and it was awful, I would think this secret screening would have been slightly more reported on and had a little more meat on the bone. Let’s face it: There are many angry fans (Editors Note: You say angry, I say Man-Babies HB) out there after Episode VIII that want to see The Rise of Skywalker fail and will make up stuff to perpetuate that. I’ll be a holdout in that arena and see the film for myself before passing judgement.

Fans Are Already Hatin’…

Again on Facebook, one fan wrote that in this new clip, “Mary Sue” should have one-shotted all the pursuing Storm Troopers, even clipping the ones out of the sky. After watching the clip in frame by frame, the cycles are shielded. You can see the force field deflecting the blaster bolts. It was just more unnecessary hate to stoke the fire.

Rey fires at the shielded Storm Trooper bike

Another fan wrote that Mandalorians have had jet packs since before the Clone Wars. Why should flying Storm Troopers be such a shock? Well, up to this point, Storm Troopers have been pretty much grounded bungling idiots, so to now see them clumsily flying through the air where in the past they have been grounded, well again, unnecessary hate. I actually found the reaction to be pretty funny, and it felt to me like something that could have easily been said in the original trilogy dialogue. Threepio’s over-the-top reaction was pretty good. I would think Finn, being a former bucket head, might have seen this before, but maybe not. He did clean toilets on Starkiller Base after all.

Poe, Finn and Threepio on Passana

Finally, another said that the First Order must be digging in the bottom of the barrel using ground bikes that don’t fly. Speeders do exist by now. Again, unnecessary hate. Walkers don’t fly either, but they still use those. Fans just need to chill. J.J. Abrams makes pretty good movies, so give him a chance with this one. On December 20th, then if you didn’t like it, bring your dumpster fire memes out. Until then, take a Xanax or something people! I never thought I’d ever quote Taylor Swift, but you need to calm down.

The Rise of Skywalker
Anybody seen my Xanax laying around?

Star Wars: The Passion of the Fans

One thing fans could never be accused of is a lack of passion. People love this universe, myself included. We want to see it taken care of and know it’s in good hands. The Mandalorian shows that Disney has the ability to make good Star Wars films, and the fan reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Let’s give The Rise of Skywalker a chance instead of killing it before it gets out of the gate. And hey, if you don’t like it, there’s always The Mandalorian and Jedi: Fallen Order to fill the void!

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