Andy Serkis, who has played epic-level roles in his mocap suit, is currently in talks to bring Alfred Pennyworth to the big screen alongside Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’s The Batman.

A Dynamic Duo in front and behind the camera

If Serkis moves over to the DCEU he will be reunited with director Matt Reeves. Serkis and Reeves both worked together before on the modern telling of the Planet of the Apes series. This can work to our benefit as Reeves will be able to draw out Serkis’ inner father figure, medic, “guy in the chair” and of course, the butler.

Why Alfred Pennyworth?

Alfred is by far the most important person in the Bat-Family. He was the moral compass for Bruce in his early years before putting on the cowl and still is well into Batman’s career. He has been the only person that has gone along with his master’s desire to become a costumed vigilante.

His backstory over the years has been explored more and more. Now we know that Alfred is crucial in not only keeping Wayne Manor tidy but also attending to Master Bruce’s wounds. Maintaining the Bat-computer and other Bat-themed accouterments. Also, with his acting chops, he can easily impersonate Bruce on the phone, thus helping keep the Bat-secret.

Holy Actor’s Studio Batman!!

Alfred over the years

The role of Alfred has been held by dozens of actors both onscreen and behind the mic. Most recently Jeremy Irons did a wonderful job against Ben Affleck’s over-brooding bat. Sir Michael Caine, for me, has been the finest portrayal of Alfred on screen. Even Sean Pertwee bought a heavier but loving side to Alfred on Fox’s version of Gotham. Currently, Epix is airing PENNYWORTH a series taking place in an alternate universe with the titular character working as a former SAS agent in London.

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