We already know that there’s much more to actor Jason David Frank than just the Power Rangers. In addition to portraying the original Green Ranger, he’s also an accomplished martial artist and poet. Likewise, though Vin Diesel may be bringing Bloodshot to the big screen, it was JDF that originally brought the character to life. It’s a recent collaboration with Power Rangers actor Johnny Yong Bosch, however, that has people talking. Frank recently spoke to That Hashtag Show about the pair’s explosive new project, Click Boom.

Click Boom; Jason David Frank
Image: Cold Creek Productions

Click Boom tells the story of two former soldiers struggling to readjust as civilians. But when a friend asks for help in finding his missing sister, they’re thrust back into action. Frank and Bosch star in the project that’s been on Bosch’s mind since 2015.

Jason David Frank, Johnny Yong Bosch join forces for Click Boom

With Click Boom, Frank and his fellow Power Rangers alum Johnny Yong Bosch reunite to bring Bosch’s story to life. Incidentally, the two decided to collaborate on the project after their experience working on the teaser for Legend of the White Dragon. Whenit comes to projects outside of the Power Rangers universe, however, Frank tells us that he and Bosch “have been trying to find the right project to work on together for years.” Now it seems they’ve found it, thanks to Bosch. Click Boom is really Bosch’s brainchild, Frank tells us. Johnny not only came up with the concept; he also wrote the script for the action-packed feature, as well. 

Click Boom will film entirely in Houston, Texas and feature a “ton of action.” Cold Creek Productions will produce, so we can also expect a very high production value for Frank’s return to the screen. Another exciting aspect is that Frank’s daughter, Jenna, will star in the film alongside her father and Bosch. Thus proves the point that sometimes good things come to those who wait…. When Bosch first thought of the Click Boom project in 2015, they didn’t have the means to produce it. Likewise, Jenna Frank hadn’t yet reached the appropriate age for the part. Now the young Ranger-in-training can fill the role of Frank’s daughter in the film perfectly.

If you’re a fan of films like the Taken series, Trapped, and similar thrillers, you’re sure to enjoy Click Boom. Stay tuned here to That Hashtag Show for more information on Jason David Frank, Johnny Yong Bosch, and the film as production moves forward!