While after watching the STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker trailer for the 499th time we thought we caught everything. But on the 500th viewing we noticed that something was different when Rey and Kylo Ren were striking down what looks to be a statue of Darth Vader. We noticed not only does Rey have lightsaber, but it looks as if she is also holding a dagger as well. This dagger could have an important connection to Mortis from STAR WARS: The Clone Wars.

Dagger of Mortis Rey

The Dagger of Mortis

If you remember, the Dagger of Mortis was introduced in a three-part story arc in The Clone Wars. The Force lead Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka Tano to the Realm of Mortis. The Realm of Mortis had three Force wielders inhabitants: The Father who kept the balance; The Daughter who represented creation and peace; and The Son that controlled the destructive and deadly aspects of the realm.  The Father, who kept the Dagger of Mortis, knew the weapon was capable of controlling his Son and Daughter and could kill them if necessary.


The Power of the Dagger of Mortis

Well, the Father wanted to keep Anakin on Mortis because he was the chosen one. Anakin was to be his successor in keeping the balance when he passed. Anakin, of course, didn’t want to stay. The Son then tried to turn Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force and Obi-Wan and Ahsoka took the Dagger to try to defeat The Son. The Son then took the Dagger from them to kill Ashoka. He then tried to kill The Father as well, but ended up killing The Daughter instead. The Son left the dagger behind and The Daughter’s remaining life was used to revive Ashoka. Then The Father used the Dagger of Mortis on himself to make The Son mortal and Anakin killed The Son. The Dagger and the Planet then vanished.


Could Rey be holding the Dagger of Mortis?

Could this be the Dagger of Mortis that Rey is holding? And if so, how did she find it? With the power that can take life from an immortal creature you can see where the dagger may be needed to kill Palpatine. Could some of this movie be taking place on Mortis? If so. could the connections between Rey, Kylo Ren, and Palpatine be stronger than what we thought? Don’t forget we also saw The Father, The Son, and The Daughter in STAR WARS: Rebels. They were part of the puzzle Ezra had to solve to opened the gate to the world between worlds. So, if she is carrying the Dagger of Mortis. then that means Rey was pulled into the Force just as Anakin and Ezra were.  

Mortis Rebels

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