We’ve only been in the era of the Wednesday Night Wars for three weeks now, and WWE is already feeling the pressure from AEW Dynamite.

Since the move from the WWE Network to USA, NXT has been beaten by AEW’s Dynamite. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, big changes are coming to NXT. There have reportedly been talks about NXT going on the road every Wednesday night. The rumors put NXT in 5,000-seat arenas. Meltzer also suggests that WWE is looking at running larger buildings than that.

Finn Balor returns to NXT
Can Balor help boost ratings?

AEW Dynamite, since it’s debut, has beaten NXT in the ratings. While this is the smallest of sample sizes, WWE still feels like they have to change things over at NXT. The first week AEW’s 1.409 million viewers topped NXT’s 891,000. Week two was more of the same. As AEW had 1.018 million viewers, and NXT dropped to 790,000.

The Dynamite Effect

We’ve already seen NXT’s attempts to draw a bigger rating. Having NXT: UK’s stars appearing regularly on television being one of them. The biggest one of them all, would be Finn Balor returning to the Black and Gold Brand. Personally, NXT traveling for television is a great idea. Staying in one location will eventually get stale (some might say it already has). It would help new talent get over in different cities. Being in front of a different crowd every week would only help.

Again, it’s only been two weeks. But WWE seems to be feeling the heat of competition for it’s NXT brand already.