Well it seems like we have had a little while since there was something in the news to get STAR WARS fans worked up in a frenzy. Well today that just may have changed with a report from EPIC STREAM. According to them from a recent podcast, Kathleen Kennedy could be stepping down as President of Lucasfilm in 2021. Now, I know we have heard this rumor before and for many STAR WARS fans they are probably keeping their fingers crossed that it is true. And things seem to be lining up to make this rumor look more like fact.

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Is Kathleen Kennedy stepping down?

EPIC STREAM as reported that in an episode of Now, This is Podcasting!, Jason Ward of MakingStarWars has revealed that Kathleen Kennedy will be stepping down after Indiana Jones 5 is complete. Now according to them there is no official release date but it should be released by July 2021.  So, with the Skywalker Saga ending this December and Indiana Jones in July it would be a perfect time to start over at Lucasfilm and bring in new leadership, like maybe Kevin Feige? EPIC STREAM also reported:

Ward points out that if Kennedy would leave after the film was made, she would still be producing movies. And it is speculated that Feige will run Lucasfilm and that he will have separate divisions to be run by other people.

Is Kevin Feige next in line at Lucasfilm?

Back in September it was reported that Kevin Feige was to start work on a new STAR WARS movie. Now, there were no hints on what he was working on but it was said that he would be working with Kathleen Kennedy on the project. I mean if this is going to happen, I think Feige has a strong enough resume to give STAR WARS fans what they want. Also this would be the perfect way for Kennedy to hand things over to Feige. But is this what STAR WARS fans want?

Kathleen Kennedy

Is this the right move for STAR WARS?

Now remember this again is all speculation. Lucasfilm has not confirmed anything. But if there is any truth to this rumor, is this what STAR WARS fans really want? Feige would be a strong choice to replace Kathleen Kennedy but is it the right choice? A lot of STAR WARS fans would love to see Dave Filoni take over the STAR WARS universe. And why not? I mean look what he has done for the franchise. His story telling skills has brought fans together with STAR WARS: The Clone Wars and Rebels. Filoni was also promoted to over see all of the Lucasfilm Animation projects. He also is one of the creators of STAR WARS: Forces of Destiny and Resistance. So, with his thorough knowledge and history with STAR WARS would he be the right choice to take over for Kathleen Kennedy?

Lucasfilm; Kathleen Kennedy; Dave Filoni
Kathleen Kennedy appears and Filoni and Jon Favreau. (Image: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Should Kathleen Kennedy Step Down? We want to hear from you.

Now remember I’ll say it again as of now this is JUST A RUMOR. But what are your thoughts. Should Kathleen Kennedy step down? Who would you like to see take her place if she does? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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