New York Comic Con is always filled with amazing comic artists and writers, and this year is no different. Well, today I was able to sit down and talk with one of those amazing artists/writers… Todd Nauck. If you are a fan of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Young Justice or his current project Mystery Science Theater 3000 then you know who I am talking about. So, Todd and I talk about his start into the comic scene and some of his projects. One big thing about Todd is that his talent is only matched with his love for his fans and comics.

How it started for Todd Nauck.

So, when sitting down with Todd Nauck we got talking about how did it all start for him and when did he get his big break in the comic industry. With him growing up in the 80s he said he had a lot of influencers that helped him get started.

“I was an 80s kid and I started reading comics like X-Men. My freshman year in high school by buddy said to me, Todd you are always drawing and ready comics have you ever tried to make your own? I never really thought about that before so that day I got home from school took some printer paper and folding it and made an eight-page comic that day…and it was terrible. The art was bad the story went nowhere but I had so much fun doing it that I knew right then this is what I wanted to do the rest of my life.”

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Todd Nauck’s Break

Todd then went on to tell me how he got his big break:

“So, I started to teach my self how to make comics. I would create my own mini comics throughout my high school and college years. In high school I would make stories about funny animal stuff. I loved Ninja Turtles and stuff like that. So, I would make funny animal movie parody characters like Rambo, Indiana Jones and Mad Max and they all lived in one world. Then in college I went with more traditional superhero stuff. That is where I created a superhero team called WildGuard. Then started to go to conventions and portfolio reviews. Well Rob Liefeld saw these comics and a couple days later I get a call from Liefeld and he said I want you to come work for me. So, I packed up and moved to California and my career started in 1994.”

Todd Nauck

Todd’s work throughout the years

When Todd Nauck first started at Image Comics, he work on Badrock and Company, New Men, Young Blood, and Team Young Blood Supreme, so pretty much anything and everything Rob was putting out at the time. But then that lead him to working at DC Comics and Marvel and he just kept going from there to now working with Dark Horse Comics and their Mystery Science Theater 3000 series. (Read about that and more on the following page!)