Star Wars
Image: Del Rey Books

Rebecca Roanhorse has indigenized Star Wars.

The Hugo and Nebula-award winning writer is the author of the newest “Journey to The Rise of Skywalker” entry, Resistance Reborn. At New York Comic Con 2019, Roanhorse revealed that she’s inserted indigenous characters into the Star Wars novel.

At a Friday evening panel she discussed her new book and said, “I kinda slid a few Native characters in there.” (Yes! “Characters”! Plural!)

[UPDATE: See the full interview with Rebecca Roanhorse below!]

During a Saturday interview, I asked if we had already caught a glimpse of one of these new characters in one of the released preview excerpts for her new Star Wars novel.

“There is an excerpt with a new character that’s one of my own characters. That one, I did not, actually model as an Indigenous character. But you’re close! Yeah, you’ll pick it up. There’s some Pueblo names in there and some people that can clearly come to a feast day and we’d recognize them.”

I asked if she could confirm that there’s more than one indigenous character in the book. “Maybe,” she replied with a laugh.

Roanhorse is an Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo science-fiction author. She made her name with her Sixth World series that features Native American characters.

New Star Wars novel follows The Last Jedi

Resistance Reborn picks up where The Last Jedi left off. We’ll catch up with The Resistance immediately after the Battle Of Crait. It describes itself as a “pivotal prequel” to the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and will follow Rey, Finn, Poe, and General Organa as they “fight back from the edge of oblivion.”

Resistance Reborn will be available everywhere Star Wars books are sold on November 5, 2019. (So you should have plenty of time to finish it before The Rise of Skywalker arrives December 20th!)

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