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According to an unnamed WWE source, the company will be stopping live events for the time being. Live events meaning non-Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and Pay-Per-View events. So the so-called “house shows” that you hear about that run on the days that they aren’t doing television are going to stop. The source stated that it would be for 3-6 months. The cause isn’t known at the time of writing.

If I could guess why they would do this, it’s because WWE wants to save money and focus solely on their TV product. Following news from the past year that live event attendance has been sub-par, it makes sense. The people this really affects are the superstars themselves. They have to spend their own money on travel for these events and it’s a grueling schedule. So that’s most likely a good change for the WWE roster.

It could also be a sign that maybe WWE is trying to run something like an offseason. Not holding WWE Live events during the upcoming slow season for WWE could actually help with fatigue. Fans have to watch a lot of wrestling and it means their product will be that much better with rested superstars.

Whether this is just a seasonal break for WWE Superstars or a sign of something bigger from the company, it means that WWE is listening. Fans were growing tired of these events. Attendance figures were down. Superstars were weary of traveling all the time for them. If this means that they’ll focus more on their TV and PPV events, then I’m game.

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