One of the other big and new things is the Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver pack.

Now, both 5 figure pack and the Goldar figure come with the Kickstarter exclusive Gold Zeo Ranger Figure.

This figure looks incredible and it will be included with every tier on the Kickstarter. All of the tiers have different rewards with them, so depending on what you choose to pledge will determine what you get as your rewards.

The Kickstarter is live until October 1st, and it has been fully funded already, so go and show your Ranger support to this. Fans of Power Rangers have been ravenous for the release of this game. The expansions bring more content to add to the game. What do you Power Rangers fans think of this? Is it a nice addition to the Heroes of the Grid game? Or is it just a cash-grab on Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments.

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