The bombastic action and thrills of Universal Pictures’s Hobbs & Shaw arrives in your home on October 15th on digital or November 15th on Blu-Ray/DVD. This spin-off from the Fast and Furious franchise is much more than just a simple cash-grab from the studio. It packs in action to every moment. The film follows the two titular characters, Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). They go on a mission that spans the globe and brings them both together with familial ties that go even deeper than that of the original Fast and Furious crew. It also stars Idris Elba as the villainous, genetically enhanced, Brixton Lorr, and Vanessa Kirby steals the show as Hattie Shaw. Kirby needs her own action franchise with a performance like this. Are you listening Universal?

What’s Included With the Blu-Ray

The movie would normally be enough to include with this release. It’s that great of a modern action film. What’s also in this package is over 80 minutes of bonus content that you’ve never seen before. The features range from featurette’s on Johnson, Statham, Kirby, to how a fight scene is choreographed. Most of this content is exclusive to the digital or Blu-Ray release. The blu-ray release will also be presented in 4K Ultra HD for those with the capabilities of that. 4K resolution was practically made for films like Hobbs & Shaw.

Vanessa Kirby looking ready to roll as Hattie Shaw.

Why You Need This Film In Your Collection

Hobbs & Shaw on the surface might look like a silly action flick that has no brains and all brawn. It goes much deeper than that when you watch the film. It has a tremendous amount of heart and a surprising amount of laughs. The film ins’t necessarily a comedy at it’s core but it’ll make you laugh heartily at certain points. The cameos from various action/comedy stars of today are a real highlight. I won’t give them away but you’ll be surprised at who you see in this film. As for the overall package, this looks like one that not just fans of the Fast and Furious films will need. Hobbs & Shaw is an action movie for everyone. Get it when it releases on digital on October 15th and Blu-Ray on November 15th.

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