The new trailer for Tim Miller’s Terminator: Dark Fate leans on the past to build hype for the new film. I can’t blame them for this, given that the film is a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, ignoring everything else, it makes sense to use nods to the original two films.

The most important part of this though, is that it works. The music, the visual references to the Judgement Day scene in T2. . . Even Sarah Connor’s take on “I’ll be back” as cheesy as it may have been, invoked enough memories to hype me for this new film. I want to know what’s up with Arnold’s character, a T-800 supposedly named “Carl”. Where does Mackenzie Davis’s augmented “Grace” fit in? How dope does Gabriel Luna’s Rev-9 look?

This new film marks the return of James Cameron to the Terminator franchise. The last film he was directly involved with was in fact T2, which to a lot of fans, was the last good Terminator film. Tim Miller, known for Deadpool, directed the film based on a screenplay from David Goyer and Justin Rhodes. Cameron produced the film and had a hand in developing the story along with. . . 4 others (including Goyer and Rhodes)!

Will it be good though?

David Goyer’s work is largely hit or miss for me (mostly misses). I WAS NOT a fan of BvS but I did really enjoy Dark City and 2/3 of his Batman films. That combined with Justin Rhodes being a relative newcomer gives me a few reservations about the story. The good news is the film comes out on November 1st, so we don’t have that much longer to wait to see if this new film is a return to form for the franchise or just another excuse to see shit blow up.

But, honestly, I don’t even care if the movie ends up being a dumpster fire. I’ve been entertained by every Terminator film despite their (sometimes numerous) flaws and I’m positive I’ll enjoy this one too.

Terminator Dark Fate Poster and Trailer
A new Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer and Poster have been released