"Dark Rey"

**Major spoiler alert about “Dark Rey”. You’ve been warned**

Disney accidentally revealed the explanation of “Dark Rey” in the recent Rise Of Skywalker trailer on starwars.com. Shortly after it was noticed, the website changed the wording in an attempt to conceal the leak.

Since the trailer dropped, fans have been in uproar about the scene depicting “Dark Rey” holding a red double-bladed lightsaber. Although JJ Abrams is notorious for employing misdirection in his trailers, the internet has been ablaze with speculation theories. And the scope of the theories seem to have no limits. Some have speculated that “Dark Rey” is a clone created by Palpatine. Others think that the character isn’t Rey at all, but someone else played by Keri Russell.

Fans on Reddit caught that Starwars.com released a blurb about the trailer on its website using the word “vision” when referring to “Dark Rey.” 

But according to esquire.com, the site recently changed and now reads as follows:

“…but the new footage, including a moment where Rey appears to toss a fully-ignited lightsaber, and of course the sight of Rey with a reticulated red blade, was nothing short of thrilling.”

Notice the word replacement of “vision” to “sight.” Disney is fully aware that it made a huge blunder that spoiled the surprise.

Dark Rey As A “Dagobah” Experience

When I first saw the trailer, I was initially as shocked as everyone else by the final scene. I spent more time than I care to admit rewatching the trailer, pausing as often as possible. I couldn’t shake the feeling that “Dark Rey” looked like a shell of Rey, but was off somehow. 

Luke in Vader's Helmet

My conclusion was that “Dark Rey” was analogous to “Vader Luke” in the Dagobah cave. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke faces an apparition of Vader on Dagobah that turned out to be him under the mask. It represented Luke’s internal conflict with the dark side. It was a warning that if he weren’t careful, he would follow the same path. 

Darkside Yoda

This type of confrontation is a common path for a Jedi. One of my favorite Clone Wars animated series episodes was when Yoda confronted his dark side. In the episode, Yoda was surprised to learn that even he was still susceptible to the pull of the dark side. 

We’ve seen Rey being tempted by the dark side in The Last Jedi, but she hasn’t yet had her “Dagobah” experience. Having Rey confront her dark side on her path to the light fits perfectly within the Star Wars model.

What do you think it means that this scene is a “vision”? Do you have different interpretation? Tell us in the comments.