It was only a matter of time until we would start seeing leaked photos of the new STAR WARS LEGO sets. And like before it seems like LEGO is just recycling old sets and changing a thing here and there. Now if you were not able to get some of these old sets then these releases could be what you are looking for. OK, yes there is a couple of new sets as well, but let’s hope more new stuff comes out when The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian are released. Now there could be a few small spoilers with some of these sets as you read on. So, if you don’t want to see them then look away.

LEGO STAR WARS SET 75257 Millennium Falcon

No surprise here that the Millennium Falcon would be part of The Rise of Skywalker release. The only thing more consistent in STAR WARS then this LEGO set is the fans hatred for The Last Jedi. There were a few things that did stick out with this set. First you notice that the Falcon has its old round radar dish back. There also seems to be a few new minifigures that include the new droid D-O and Lando Calrissian.

LEGO STAR WARS SET 75249 Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter

Now this LEGO set is a little different than the Y-Wings of the past. As you can tell by the picture below it has a new color scheme then the Y-Wings we are used to building. But what is really interesting about this set is that it includes the minifig Zorri Bliss. So, by looking at this it seems that her allegiance is with the Resistance.

STAR WARS SET 75256 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

First looking at this LEGO set it looks as if nothing has changed with this shuttle. But what really stuck out to me was the list of minifigures. First it looks like Kylo got that promotion he was looking for as he is now referred to as Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. You also see that there will be some Knights of Ren and a Sith Trooper minifigures. The one question I do have is where did Hux go?

STAR WARS SET 75248 Resistance A-Wing Starfighter

This LEGO set seems to be your basic A-Wing set. But you can’t have to many A-Wings in your fleet, right? This set will include minifigs of Snap Wexley and Lieutenant Connix.

LEGO STAR WARS SET 75246 Death Star Cannon

Now you know we can’t have a release of sets without getting something from the past. So, LEGO is giving us the Death Star Cannon. This set will also include Obi-Wan Kenobi working on disabling the tractor beam.

STAR WARS SET 75255 Yoda

Jedi Master Yoda returns to us in LEGO form. This set looks very similar to the Porg set in size and seems it may have movable parts as well. Just like the Porg set it will also come with a Yoda minifigure and a plaque with the details of our little green friend.

LEGO STAR WARS SET 75250 Pasaana Speeder Chase

OK here we go the first real new LEGO set from The Rise of Skywalker. This set gives us Rey and BB-8 being chased by a First Order Treadspeeder Driver and Jet Trooper on the planet of Pasaana. This set looks very similar to a scene in The Rise of Skywalker trailer that was released at STAR WARS Celebration in Chicago.

STAR WARS SET 75254 AT-ST Raider

This looks to be our first LEGO set from The Mandalorian. I will be the first to admit I like this updated AT-ST. This set also gives us our first look at The Mandalorian and Cara Dune as minifigures. I really hope we get more from this series when it releases.

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