Star Wars Hasbro

Eric Franer and Steven Gilbert

If there is one constant in the toy and collecting community, its Hasbro Star Wars toys. Hasbro execs Eric Franer and Steven Gilbert were to deliver not only give-aways, but some exclusive new information. Riding the wave from Comic-Con International, they started with the new Sith Trooper. Fans clamored for the elusive 6” Boba Fett Black Series in original Kenner colors, as well. (If you still want either, good luck. They were already sold out by noon.) Excitedly, they confirmed that Triple Force Friday will indeed feature new offerings from both The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian.

hasbro Star Wars

The first new reveal featured Hasbro Star Wars figures, with new figure expressions, for the Galaxy of Adventures line. This toy line is based on the Galaxy of Adventures animated series designed to introduce Star Wars to the youngest of fans. For the first time Hasbro’s introduced a five-inch figure series featuring classic characters.

New Hasbro Star Wars Black Series based on Empire Strikes Back

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, however, Hasbro Star Wars is introducing a Luke Skywalker, Dagobah training figure. This was the fan vote winner from earlier in the year and is the first new Luke Skywalker Sculpt since 2016. The figure will debut in 2020.

Hasbro Star Wars

In the Hyoerreal series, the previously-released Darth Vader can now face off against the 8” Luke Skywalker in Bespin fatigues. These figures are some of the most realistic figures ever, with 28 points of hidden articulation.

If you’re big Luke Skywalker fan, however, you can now wear your own Red Five replica X-wing pilot helmet, with activations for both the Battles of Yavin and Hoth. For the first time with this helmet, the Hasbro Star Wars line will include lights for a more realistic, role-playing experience.

One thing missing from the Hasbro Star Wars collections, however, is the last member of the Ghost’s crew from Star Wars Rebels. Ezra and Chopper arrived earlier this year. While unfortunately nothing is planned for Zebb, Franer did admit that the character is still “high on their radar.”

 Look for more Hasbro reveals as we approach Triple Force Friday and New York Comic-Con later this fall.